Code for book Programming for the Java Virtual Machine by Joshua Engel
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This GitHub repo is derived from code located at 
It is Joshua Engel's original code with a small bug fix by P.D. Terry.

The project is compiled with sbt

To build an executable jar use the 'proguard' task which will produce
an executable jar target/scala_2.8.1/engel-1.0.min.jar whose main
class is set to run Oolong by default.

Relevant parts of the original README are below.


Programming for the Java (tm) Virtual Machine
Support files
Copyright (c) 1999 by Joshua Engel
Software dated 1 April 1999 (but not a joke!)

There are five packages in this distribution:
* COM.sootNsmoke.jvm - a library for building Java (tm)  class files

* COM.sootNsmoke.oolong - A compiler and decompiler for Oolong, a
  language for building JVM class files.

* COM.sootNsmoke.instructions - Support classes for the jvm package.
  Abstractions of JVM instructions to make building code easier.

* COM.sootNsmoke.scheme - a nearly complete implementation of the R4
  Scheme specification, which compiles Scheme code into JVM bytecodes.

* COM.sootNsmoke.prolog - a simple Prolog compiler demonstrating how
  to compile Prolog into JVM code

The directory "src/test/resources" contains some tests of the scheme 
and prolog packages.

If you have any questions, comments, or bug reports, ask Joshua Engel
at or  Or read the newsgroup