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hi, please pull my master branch #1

wants to merge 73 commits into


None yet
7 participants

hyan commented Jul 18, 2012

hi, yasuhiro

I removed PForDeltaDocIdSetWithBase and remove the unnecessary memory allocation in readObject()! please pull.



hyan and others added some commits Oct 28, 2010

@hyan hyan Kamikaze 3.0.1, remove unnecessary memory allocation 622938f
@hyan hyan add the new interface addDocs() into docIdSets and its derived classes f3099c2
@hyan hyan add a test for testing the comp time of batched addDocs() bf13927
@hyan hyan separate PForDelta implmentation with PForDeltaWithBase 1d93b48
@hyan hyan add lucene contrib 41c8142
John Wang removed unnecc files 3dbe9dc
@hyan hyan add version for luceneCodeTest ea01076
@hyan hyan changed maven-related files 5498046
John Wang refactored for maven e19542e
John Wang clean up 3b7f8b9
John Wang removed old build files 15d4e7a
John Wang cleaned up pom to remove fastuil dependency 15ca845
@hyan hyan clean up mavenized kamikaze and modified pom.xml to enable deploying …
@javasoze javasoze clean up pom a179235
@hyan hyan fixed the bug of encoding big numbers greater than 2 to 28 and also u…
…pdated the luceneCodec
@hyan hyan update the lucene codec fomr the bulk branch 0a0f7ad
@javasoze javasoze merge and fix pom a8e5450
@javasoze javasoze fixed pom again b83d50e
@javasoze javasoze once again fixing pom 1ff8db8
@javasoze javasoze clean up 87af2e6
@hyan hyan clean up the codes f538b5d
@hyan hyan Merge branch 'master' of github.com:hyan/kamikaze 9fe1627
@hyan hyan fix the NotDocIdSet bug where it will loop forever if inner docidset …
…is exhausted and added unit tests
@javasoze javasoze clean up 4ca478d
@javasoze javasoze clean up deploy script 8b4414d
@javasoze javasoze fixed pom 196e4ef
@javasoze javasoze deprecated old p4d impl 9558363
@yahro yahro Added profile, which signs artifacts during deployment. Changed ids
of release and snapshot repositories.
@hyan hyan improved the hardcode of pfordelta and simple16, update the contrib t…
…o the latest PForDeltaFixedIntBlockWithIntBuffer codec
@javasoze javasoze fixed readme 56f6390
@javasoze javasoze upgrade to lucene 3.0.2 6685a25
@javasoze javasoze move to com.linkedin a180128
@javasoze javasoze fixed pom with new version ba60e8f
@hyan hyan Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/javasoze/kamikaze 68753dc
@hyan hyan change DocSetFactory() to be compatible to cloud format e165773
@hyan hyan fixed bugs in testDocIdSetFactory and testVeryBigNumbers 2822e09
@javasoze javasoze changed version 35e99b5
@javasoze javasoze fixed distribution management section 73dede5
Hao Yan fix the bug of PForDeltaDocIdSet does not all PForDelta.compressionOn…
…eBlockOpt() and adding New Tests to cover all test cases that the old p4d covers
@javasoze javasoze deprecating api 4baa167
@javasoze javasoze code cleanup and fixed warnings 1be71ad
@javasoze javasoze turned on missing tests and added a test 457d953
@javasoze javasoze aesthetic cleanup d460761
John Wang andnot e12aad0
John Wang test fix 37730d3
John Wang added andnot support 0ef4ddf
Hao Yan fixed bug of KAMI-2 removing the leftover serial files after test 6718f1c
@javasoze javasoze fixed more tests that depend on serialized output 91f2f6e
@javasoze javasoze 3.0.5 version 453253b
@javasoze javasoze fixed pom to include pgp signer be61364
John Wang beefed up test and fixed another bug 78d80fd
John Wang Merge branch 'master' of github.com:javasoze/kamikaze d4367d2
John Wang upgrade version c6e55f2
@sguo sguo fix NPEs, possible bugs somewhere abe1f8b
hao yan add hardcoded SUID to all serializable classes in production
's 3.0.1, and add new serialization/deserialization from/to byte[] array
hao yan fix the byteArrayToLong bug and add CRC for checksum of serialized data cc661b2
@javasoze javasoze upgrade to lucene 3.5.0 ac82c51
@javasoze javasoze updated version 8c3fe94
hao yan Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/javasoze/kamikaze 10cecc6
hao yan -afix the KAMI-31, ImmutableIntArrayDocIdSets bug, however, this one …
…is not called by anywhere else except the test, so, should not affect applications of kamikaze
hao yan remove comments 6007b82
hao yan remove PForDeltaWithBase and remove unnecessary memory allocation in …
…readobject of PForDeltaDocIdSet

Looks good!

javasoze and others added some commits Sep 8, 2012

@javasoze javasoze added output to git ignore 464571d
@javasoze javasoze added another unit test 3a2c4f3
@javasoze javasoze changed number 386f855
hao yan change PForDelta to be backward compatible to 3.0.1 bf13927, changing…
… in the compressed block: the int(b and expNum), the second int(blockSize), combining the expPos and expHighBits
hao yan change the place of sort in testCorrection() b07e3f3
hao yan change the version to 3.0.7-SNAPSHOT 8707ef8
@alejandroperez alejandroperez Updating the pom file to deploy to sonatype. 6326d87
hao yan upgrade version in pom 686e828
@sungjuc sungjuc This change comments out the logging using standard output. The logging
cannot be opted out from application using Kamikaze. Basically, all
logging should be done using conventional logging libraries so that
applications should opt in/out. Current application using Kamikaze
just grow the log file and there is no way but to continously delete
the log file.
Hao Yan change version f7d9734
Hao Yan fix PForDeltaDocIdSet's deserialization problem. Now we can just call…
… PForDeltaDocIdSet.deserialize(serializedObject) to get the deserialized PForDeltaDocIdSet object)
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