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Doc update for context diff support

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@@ -107,13 +107,16 @@ Pipe in a diff:
svn diff -r1234 | cdiff -s # view svn diff comparing to given revision
diff -u file1 file2 | cdiff # view diff between two files (note the '-u')
diff -ur dir1 dir2 | cdiff # view diff between two dirs
- cat foo.patch | cdiff # view a unified patch (or cdiff < foo.path)
- # View a GitHub pull request, side by side (GitHub web interface is missing
- # this feature :)
- #
+ # View diff in a GitHub pull request, side by side
curl | cdiff -s
+ # View a patch file in unified or context format, the latter depends on
+ # command `filterdiff` from package `patchutils` which is available in
+ # major Linux distros and MacPorts. "cdiff < foo.path" works too.
+ #
+ cat foo.patch | cdiff
Redirect output to another patch file is safe:
.. code:: sh
@@ -125,7 +128,8 @@ Notes
Cdiff has following known issues:
-- Only takes unified diff for input
+- Does not recognize `normal` diff, and depends on ``filterdiff`` (patchutils)
+ to read `context` diff
- Side by side mode has alignment problem for wide chars
- Terminal might be in a mess on exception (type ``reset`` can fix it)
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