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Client for FISE (Semantic Engine) Restful API.
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This is the Python client for Semantic Engine Apache Stanbol FISE (see also the old IKS-WIKI). Edutainment: Watch the Video by Olivier Grisel

Stanbol offers a RESTful API with basically three methods of interaction:

stateless interface, submit content to the stanbol engines and get the resulting enhancements formatted as RDF at once without storing anything on the server-side.
Upload content to the store and in a second step get the enhancements back.
access Stanbol as a SPARQL endpoint (W3C conform).

This API covers engines and store. Sparql queries are best done by using existing library SuRF which is installed as a dependecy with this package.

Python API


>>> from stanbol.client import Stanbol
>>> stanbol = Stanbol('http://localhost:8080/')

Use the engines:

>>> somedoc = u"This is an example text."
>>> stanbol.engines(somedoc)

>>> stanbol.engines(somedoc, format='rdfjson')

Use the store, first store content (only plain text is accepted for now):

>>> id = 'test123'
>>>[id] = payload

Next get the text back:

u"This is an example text."

Then get the metadata:


And Stanbol special feature: Get an HTML page about the content:



Demo Installation

!! This part is working for fise.client and needs to be updated once stanbol.client will be available on pypi.

If you want to try this package as is this is probably a good starting point.

Fetch the package sources and unpack them in a directory of your choice:

$ wget[VERSION].tar.gz
$ tar xzf bda.cache-[VERSION].tar.gz
$ cd bda.cache-[VERSION]

Python 2.6 or 2.7 needs to be available.

To avoid collisions with packages already installed in your pre-installed python virtualenv is used (instead of easy_install on Debian/Ubuntu sudo apt-get install python-virtual works fine):

$ easy_install virtualenv
$ python2.6 virtualenv  --no-site-packages py

Bootstrap and run the contained buildout. This fetches Stanbol early adopter release and provides a start script for Stanbol. It installs all Python dependencies of stanbol.client and provides a script to run all tests and a Python shell with all packaged installed:

$ ./py/bin/python
$ ./bin/buildout

Start the Stanbol semantic engine.

$ ./bin/stanbol-instance

Now connect with a webbrowser to http://localhost:8080/, the Stanbol web-frontend.

Running the tests shows if everything working as expected (needs a running stanbol-instance):

$ ./bin/tests

Start a Python shell with stanbol.client included:

$ ./bin/py

>>> from stanbol.client import Stanbol

Installation within existing environment

To add this package to an existing environment do:

$ easy_install stanbol.client

Or if your using zc.buildout add a line to the eggs in your buildout.cfg and re-run buildout:

eggs =

Or if your'e writing an own python-package add it to the install_requires section.



  • initial code, tests and documentation

Copyright, License, Contributors

copyright BlueDynamics Alliance, 2010

This package is provided under the OSI-approved OpenSource License Python Software Foundation License (as Python itself is).


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