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Drupal Vagrant Dev box for OpenY support

This Vagrant Box allows you to make a contribution into OpenY in a few minutes. Just follow steps and then you'll know how to do it.


Windows users

  • Install Cygwin
  • Run Cygwin as Administrator user.


1. Vagrant provision

  • Run Vagrant with full provisioning (recommended)
vagrant up --provision && vagrant ssh

2. Local build

Unix users

  • Run commands
cd /var/www/docroot

Windows users

  • Run commands
cd /var/www/docroot
sh --windows

3. Contribute

  • Change code only in docroot/contrib/profiles/openy, commit & push it into your fork
  • Read contribution guide how to contribute

Host updates

By default your site will be accessible this url - If not working - create row with in /etc/hosts.

Reinstall options

Vanilla installation

In order to install OpenY with default settings:

cd /var/www/docroot

This site will be available at

Upgrade path installation

In order to install OpenY based on previous release + your updates:

cd /var/www/docroot

This site will be available at

Installation process

In order to get access to installation process:

cd /var/www/docroot

This site will be available at



Adminer for MySQL administration is not included to the project by default. But you can download it from Adminer site and put it to the project folder (near the folder docroot) on the host machine. Credentials are: drupal:drupal or root:root.

PHP Profiler XHProf

It is installed by default, but to use it as Devel module integration use:

drush en devel -y
drush vset devel_xhprof_enabled 1
drush vset devel_xhprof_directory '/usr/share/php' && drush vset devel_xhprof_url '/xhprof_html/index.php'
ln -s /usr/share/php/xhprof_html xhprof_html

After vset devel_xhprof_enabled it could return an error about "Class 'XHProfRuns_Default' not found" - ignore it.


  • XDebug
  • Drush
  • Docker
  • Composer
  • Adminer
  • XHProf
  • PHP Daemon
  • PHP, SASS, JS sniffers/lints/hints