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An open source platform for YMCAs, by YMCAs built on Drupal.

The Open Y Project is a composer based installer for the Open Y distribution.



If you do not have Composer, you may install it by following the official instructions. For usage, see the documentation.


Latest STABLE version

composer create-project ymcatwincities/openy-project MY_PROJECT --no-interaction --no-dev

This command will build project based on latest stable release.

Latest DEVELOPMENT version

composer create-project ymcatwincities/openy-project:8.1.x-development-dev MY_PROJECT --no-interaction --no-dev

This command will build project based on latest development release.

Development environment

You should use composer command without --no-dev if you would like to get environment that was configured especially for OpenY. So it should look like this:

composer create-project ymcatwincities/openy-project:8.1.x-development-dev MY_PROJECT --no-interaction


CIBox VM allows you to make a contribution into OpenY in a few minutes. Just follow steps and then you'll know how to do it.

Read more details on CIBox VM repo.


Docksal is a tool for defining and managing development environments.

Read more details on Docksal repo.

Use Fork for the development

All development happens in the Open Y Drupal 8 installation profile. In order to start development:

  1. Create fork of Open Y installation profile
  2. Add your repository to composer.json
"repositories": [
        "type": "vcs",
        "url": ""
  1. Change a version for ymcatwincities/openy to dev-8.x-1.x or any other branch. E.g.:
  • branch name "bugfix" - version name dev-bugfix
  • branch name "feature/workflow" - version name dev-feature/workflow
"require": {
    "ymcatwincities/openy": "dev-8.x-1.x",
"require": {
    "ymcatwincities/openy": "dev-feature/workflow",
  1. Run composer update to update packages
  2. Add and commits changes in docroot/profiles/contrib/openy. Now it should be pointed to your fork.

Directory structure

Directory Purpose
docroot/ Contains Drupal core
docroot/profiles/contrib/openy/ Contains Open Y distribution
vendor/ Contains Open Y distribution
composer.json Contains Open Y distribution
CIBox VM + CIBox Build
cibox/ Contains CIBox libraries
docroot/devops/ DevOps scripts for the installation process
provisioning/ Vagrant configuration
docroot/*.sh Bash scripts to trigger reinstall scripts
docroot/*.yml YAML playbooks for the installation process
Vagrantfile Vagrant index file
.docksal/ Docksal configuration Build script for Docksal environment


Documentation about Open Y is available at docs. For details please visit

For Development information please take a look at docs/Development.


OpenY Project is licensed under the GPL-3.0. See the License file for details.