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edit/atom add Atom keymap.cson file
git adding a `git commit --amend --no-edit` alias
osx show indicators for open applications in the dock
ruby Add rake task completion
scripts update iTunes fadeout script to JS
search add BoardGameGeek search to ns-cli
shell a bit of git-prompt cleanup
system add a `mac` function
work Adding more punch/freshtrack aliases. shortening markdown extension
Rakefile Create missing app script directories

What up, dotfiles?


This is really just for me. And I'll be honest and say that right now, I only even care for it to work on one particular machine. With that said, I'm not against other people using any of this or else I wouldn't make it public. Hell, this stuff could be made much better the more places it's used. Or at least it'll become more robust, or something.


This organization was largely inspired by Zach Holman and his wonderful dotfiles repo. There were some things I wanted to do differently. Some of those I gave up on simply because his stuff was so good.

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