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" Vim color scheme
" Name: railscasts.vim
" Maintainer: Nick Moffitt <>
" Last Change: 01 Mar 2008
" License: WTFPL <>
" Version: 2.0
" This theme is based on Josh O'Rourke's Vim clone of the railscast
" textmate theme. The key thing I have done here is supply 256-color
" terminal equivalents for as many of the colors as possible, and fixed
" up some of the funny behaviors for editing e-mails and such.
" To use for gvim:
" 1: install this file as ~/.vim/colors/railscasts.vim
" 2: put "colorscheme railscasts" in your .gvimrc
" If you are using Ubuntu, you can get the benefit of this in your
" terminals using ordinary vim by taking the following steps:
" 1: sudo apt-get install ncurses-term
" 2: put the following in your .vimrc
" if $COLORTERM == 'gnome-terminal'
" set term=gnome-256color
" colorscheme railscasts
" else
" colorscheme default
" endif
" 3: if you wish to use this with screen, add the following to your .screenrc:
" attrcolor b ".I"
" termcapinfo xterm 'Co#256:AB=\E[48;5;%dm:AF=\E[38;5;%dm'
" defbce "on"
" term screen-256color-bce
set background=dark
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let g:colors_name = "railscasts"
hi link htmlTag xmlTag
hi link htmlTagName xmlTagName
hi link htmlEndTag xmlEndTag
if has("gui_running")
highlight Normal guifg=#E6E1DC guibg=#111111
highlight Cursor guifg=#000000 guibg=#FFFFFF
highlight CursorLine guibg=#000000
highlight Comment guifg=#BC9458 gui=italic
highlight Constant guifg=#6D9CBE
highlight Define guifg=#CC7833
highlight Error guifg=#FFFFFF guibg=#990000
highlight Function guifg=#FFC66D gui=NONE
highlight Identifier guifg=#6D9CBE gui=NONE
highlight Include guifg=#CC7833 gui=NONE
highlight PreCondit guifg=#CC7833 gui=NONE
highlight Keyword guifg=#CC7833
highlight LineNr guifg=#2B2B2B guibg=#C0C0FF
highlight Number guifg=#A5C261
highlight PreProc guifg=#E6E1DC
highlight Search guifg=NONE guibg=#2b2b2b gui=italic
highlight Statement guifg=#CC7833 gui=NONE
highlight String guifg=#A5C261
highlight Title guifg=#FFFFFF
highlight Type guifg=#DA4939 gui=NONE
highlight Visual guibg=#5A647E
highlight DiffAdd guifg=#E6E1DC guibg=#144212
highlight DiffDelete guifg=#E6E1DC guibg=#660000
highlight pythonBuiltin guifg=#6D9CBE gui=NONE
highlight rubyBlockParameter guifg=#FFFFFF
highlight rubyClass guifg=#FFFFFF
highlight rubyConstant guifg=#DA4939
highlight rubyInstanceVariable guifg=#D0D0FF
highlight rubyInterpolation guifg=#519F50
highlight rubyLocalVariableOrMethod guifg=#D0D0FF
highlight rubyPredefinedConstant guifg=#DA4939
highlight rubyPseudoVariable guifg=#FFC66D
highlight rubyStringDelimiter guifg=#A5C261
highlight xmlTag guifg=#E8BF6A
highlight xmlTagName guifg=#E8BF6A
highlight xmlEndTag guifg=#E8BF6A
highlight Cursor ctermfg=0 ctermbg=15
highlight CursorLine ctermbg=232 cterm=NONE
highlight Comment ctermfg=180 cterm=NONE
highlight Constant ctermfg=73
highlight Define ctermfg=173
highlight Error ctermfg=221 ctermbg=88
highlight Function ctermfg=221 cterm=NONE
highlight Identifier ctermfg=73 cterm=NONE
highlight Include ctermfg=173 cterm=NONE
highlight PreCondit ctermfg=173 cterm=NONE
highlight Keyword ctermfg=173
highlight LineNr ctermfg=159
highlight Number ctermfg=107
highlight PreProc ctermfg=103
highlight Search ctermfg=NONE ctermbg=235 cterm=underline
highlight Statement ctermfg=173 cterm=NONE
highlight String ctermfg=107
highlight Title ctermfg=15
highlight Type ctermfg=167 cterm=NONE
highlight Visual ctermbg=60
highlight DiffAdd ctermfg=7 ctermbg=235
highlight DiffDelete ctermfg=7 ctermbg=52
highlight Special ctermfg=167
highlight pythonBuiltin ctermfg=73
"highlight rubyBlockParameter ctermfg=15
"highlight rubyClass ctermfg=15
"highlight rubyConstant ctermfg=167
"highlight rubyInstanceVariable ctermfg=189
"highlight rubyInterpolation ctermfg=107
"highlight rubyLocalVariableOrMethod ctermfg=189
"highlight rubyPredefinedConstant ctermfg=167
"highlight rubyPseudoVariable ctermfg=221
"highlight rubyStringDelimiter ctermfg=143
highlight xmlTag ctermfg=179
highlight xmlTagName ctermfg=179
highlight xmlEndTag ctermfg=179
highlight mailSubject ctermfg=107
highlight mailHeaderKey ctermfg=221
highlight mailEmail ctermfg=107 cterm=underline
highlight SpellBad ctermfg=160 ctermbg=NONE cterm=underline
highlight SpellRare ctermfg=164 ctermbg=NONE cterm=underline
highlight SpellCap ctermfg=25 ctermbg=NONE cterm=underline
highlight MatchParen ctermfg=226 ctermbg=38
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