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@ymgaq ymgaq released this May 10, 2020

Both the Japanese and Chinese rules are now supported.
Lizzie display is now supported.
Network files learned in the GLOBIS-AQZ project.
Network optimization is now possible with TensorRT.

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@ymgaq ymgaq released this Jan 22, 2018

(Update from v2.0.3.1)

  • Update neural network files (vl.pb/sl.pb).
  • Fix bugs of Nakade and Seki.
  • Add emergency time setting.
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@ymgaq ymgaq released this Oct 15, 2017

(Update from v2.0)

  • Make it compatible with Windows (AQ_win)
  • Added AQ-mini (AQ-mini_win: for CPU only)
  • Support 3 or more multi-GPUs
  • Added Ponder OFF setting

(Update from v2.0.3)

  • Support SGF reading style of Sabaki
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@ymgaq ymgaq released this Sep 17, 2017

First release.

Assets 3