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Application is hosted on github pages!


  • The app uses localstorage to manage state, allowing it to be deployed on github pages.
  • gulp is use as the build tool
  • react is used in the view layer.
  • browserify is used to package the various source files.
  • less is used to manage the stylesheets.

Running the app

This builds the various assets, starts a webserver in the root directory and opens localhost:8000.

$ gulp dev

It automatically watches for changes and rebuilds the assets.

Setting up the development environment

  1. Install gulp, browserify
  2. Install dependencies: npm install
  3. Run gulp dev (to start webserver).
  4. Run gulp min to generate minified assets for production.

See gulpfile.js for other tasks.


The code for user sessions can be found in javascript/auth.js.

This file is included at the top of both welcome.html and index.html so that we don't download the rest of the page if we need to redirect the user to the correct location.


  • Feedback, Bugs, Contributions are most welcomed!