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A Firebase-powered fully-functional chat application for Android
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ChatMe is a Firebase-powered chat application built for Android. This app was developed for the Google CodeU Spring 2017 program. It grew from what was originally a simple Java Swing based GUI application to its current state over a period of three months.

All user data is being stored using Firebase Database and Storage. We also authenticate our users through Firebase Authentication. Refer to Firebase Docs for details.

Getting started


  • Android Studio, preferably 2.3.+
  • Android SDK Build Tools v25.0.1
  • Emulator or Android Kitkat 4.4 or above


  • Download google-services.json and save the file inside android/app/ directory.
  • Import android/ folder in Android Studio and download all SDK requirements.
  • Install project dependencies from Tools > Android > Sync Gradle with Project Files
  • Run app module on an emulator or an Android device


Install the lasest release here. You would need to enable Install from Unknown Sources in the Security Settings on your Android device.

Navigating ChatMe

At startup, a user is prompted to create an account or log in using their email and password. On sign up, a unique username is assigned using their email address. On a successful log in, the application navigates to the conversations screen where they may create a new conversation (one-on-one or group) or navigate to their profile or the list of users.

Updating Profile

Users can update their profile picture, full name (name visible to the other users) and their password by navigating to the ProfileFragment. Be sure to click Save Changes after making your desired changes.

New Conversation

Conversations can be initiated by navigating to UsersFragment or by clicking the + symbol on ConversationsFragment. To create a 1-1 conversation, simply click on the user you wish to chat with. To create a group, long press on a user and proceed to select the users you wish to add to the group. Afterwads, click Create Group and you will be able to provide a group avatar and name before officially creating the group.

Sending Messages

To send and receive messages, navigate to ConversationsFragment and select the conversation you would like to view the messages of. Once there, you may send messages or view all the messages sent in the conversation previously.


When someone sends you a message while the app is not in focus (minimized or killed), a notification in the status bar will be displayed, clicking on which will take you directly to the specific conversation.


The JUnit tests can be found in android/app/src/test directory. Of course, you do not need a device to run these tests.

In Android, UI tests are called Instrumentation Tests, and they can be found in android/app/src/androidTest. You can run the Instrumentation Tests as follows:

  • Use the left pane to change the Project view to Project (default)
  • Open app/src/androidTest/
  • Right-click on androidTest/java/ and click Run 'All Tests'
  • Select your preferred device to run UI tests on


Please have a look at ChatMe Design Doc for extensive documentation on our application, the technologies utilized, and our design process.


This project is brought to you by the following people:

Let us know if you have any questions about CodeU program or the project.

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