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Feb 12, 2012
Graham King Merge pull request #5 from yml/master
Better handling of the KeyboardInterrupt. Test GPG keys - first step to getting unit tests for kit. Thanks @yml
Mar 17, 2012
Graham King Python 3 support (without breaking python 2 support). Made python3 de…
…fault in #! line. Fixed some warnings. Unicode everywhere
Graham King Added GPL license 6e94eda
Graham King We're on pypi\! 8fdce20
Mar 22, 2012
wrb kip shoudn't crash when .kip is not abailable d9946f0
Graham King Merge pull request #6 from wrb/master
Kip shouldn't crash when there's no .kip directory. Thanks @wrb
Apr 16, 2012
Graham King Ask for confirmation before overwriting a file e3a16a2
Graham King Bump version in preparation for pypi release ddae0d0
Graham King pylint da9a46b
Jul 19, 2012
Graham King Added .gitignore 4f20dab
Sep 10, 2012
Graham King Added link to Arch package. 31aee83
Graham King Tweak 0453b70
Sep 24, 2012
Graham King Remove dependency on __init__, so can be run as a script. Closes #13 e8e7733
Oct 23, 2012
Graham King Added --import option to import from gnome keyring. Requires python2 …
…and gnomekeyring lib
Oct 24, 2012
Graham King Added two utilities: Import Chrome passwords from Gnome Keyring, and …
…Push our passwords into Gnome Keyring - for no particular reason.
Graham King In flux. Moving to command syntax 12fbbb4
Graham King Big change. Command based syntax. See README or just run it for usage…
… help.
Oct 26, 2012
Graham King Also look in /etc/kip/ for a config file. Fixed a bug in IOError hand…
Graham King .gitignore pyc files fbc3eb7
Graham King Altered to convert nicely to a man file with pandoc a9f8d24
Graham King Added 'debian' directory to create a .deb file from.
There's lots of redundancy and manual operation here. To be improved.
Graham King .gitignore tweak 233e3cf
Graham King Added 'dist' directory with .deb and tar.gz distributions 010fcd4
Nov 09, 2012
Graham King Removed debian and dist directories. Updated README with location of …
…Ubuntu PPA
Dec 17, 2012
fixed error message spelling typo 5317889
Dec 18, 2012
Graham King Merge pull request #16 from aver-d/spellingfix
fixed error message spelling typo
Mar 11, 2013
yml python 3 is doing the right thing with regards to the encoding we do …
…not need the .encode('uf8) .decode(utf8)
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