Hack your old 3D printer into a pick-n-place machine real easy
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3D PnP

hacked 3d printer

This software eats Eagle partlist file and spits GCode.
Hack your old 3D printer into an Pick and Place machine real easy.

Eagle Partlist -> Configure w/ 3D PnP software -> GCode -> Hacked 3D Printer

Special thanks to Gaudi Labs for inspiration

Modifying the Printer

  • Remove everything heat-related from your printer
    • hotend, thermostats, fans, heatbed-cables, etc
  • Hack a fishtank bubbler so that it sucks the air in
  • Get a solder paste dispenser needle and fix it to the carriage of your printer
  • Connect the needle and the fishtank bubbler with a soft tube
  • Install a 12V relay in the power line of the fishtank bubbler
  • Connect the relay's coil and the fan output of your RAMPS board
  • Try running the sample GCode. If it won't work, get Sprinter firmware and upload it to your RAMPS

This blog post shows a few pictures

Running the software

  • Get Dr. Racket
  • Run src/pnp-manager.rkt
  • Import a partlist file you made using Eagle
  • Set your settings
  • Hit Generate GCode -> Save to file
  • Open Repetier Host or something alike
  • Hit Run




I haven't tested this with anything other than my own partlist wich is files/sticky-watch-1.5-partlist.txt and thus it is highly unlikely that it works perfect for your board on the first try. You gotta make your own changes please.

I unfortunately won't have much time to work on this right now. Feel free to go anywhere on your own from here. I'd love PRs.


Minori Yamashita