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Little Smallscript

A dialect of Smalltalk that compiles into JavaScript.


Minori Yamashita




$ git clone
$ cd LittleSmallscript
$ npm install -g

or simply

$ npm install -g littlesmallscript


Compile and run on node:

$ cat examples/ | littlesmallscript | node

Saving the compiled file:

$ cat examples/ | littlesmallscript > ~/server.js



  • The goal is to write Javascript in Smalltalk's syntax.
  • No class browser and stuff.
  • Some expressions are converted to javascripts syntax, for efficiency and readability.
    • (1 === 1) ifTrue: ['yay'] -> (1 === 1).ifTrue(function () {return 'yay';}) -> (1 === 1) ? (function () { 'yay'; })() : void 0;
    • #(1 2 3) at: 0 -> [1,2,3].at(0) -> [1,2,3][0]
  • Other message expressions are translated into method calling expression.
    • obj unary becomes obj.unary(). array inject:1 into:[] becomes array.injectinto(1, function () {}).
    • binary messages take js operators as selectors: x % 2 === 0


The language is changing every second so do example codes. Here's what works at least for now.

+Object subclass:#Animal variables:#(#name).

!Animal setName: aName
  name := aName !.

!Animal move: metre
  window alert: name + ' moved ' + metre + 'm.' !.

+Animal subclass:#Snake variables:#().

!Snake move
  window alert:'Slithering...'.
  Snake super:#move arguments:#(5) !.

Snake new
; setName:'Sammy the Python'
; move


12:47 29 Jan 2013
Inputs can now be piped-in to littlesmallscript. e.g: echo '(1 to: 5) map: [ :n | n * n]' | littlesmallscript.

12:35 2 Nov 2012
String literals compile into single-quoted JS string. They were double quotes in previous versions. String literals support backslash escaping.

18:40 17 Oct 2012
A temporary syntax for calling super methods is introduced. See the example above.

23:00 30 Sep 2012
The first major version! Every parser is now written in LittleSmallscript itself. v1 is not backward compatible with v0. Syntax for accessing instance variables has changed. Class definition syntax has been added.

23:00 20 Sep 2012
Fixed many bugs. Binary messages now take bare operators instead of primitives. method:at: and method:dot: fixes the scope of 'self'.

1am 20 Sep 2012
Ready to ship! Known bugs are to be fixed. Added optimization.

12pm 12 Sep 2012
Statement parser is coplete. Consequently, temporary variable declaration is now supported. | foo bar | compiles to var foo, bar;. Inline javascript as primary values. obj method: <function () {}> Binary messages with javascript operators. 1 <+> 1; Much of Little Smalltalk's built-in methods are provided via the library: prelude.js. Prettyprint using beautify.js.

5am 10 Sep 2012
Implemented a PEG parser in javascript. Can now parse and generate expressions and literals. Messages are compiled to method calling, blocks are compiled to function literal. Temporary variable declaration is yet to be supported.