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# cython: language_level=2
from cpython cimport PyObject
from header cimport (
PyEval_SetTrace, PyFrameObject, PyTrace_LINE, PyTrace_RETURN
# It's better if we can use libc.stdint.uint64_t
# but it produces #include <stdint.h> in the generated C code
# Old Windows compilers don't support this.
# from libc.stdint cimport uint64_t
ctypedef unsigned long long uint64_t
cdef extern from "timer.h":
uint64_t hpTimer()
double hpTimerUnit()
cdef class LineProfiler:
cdef public dict results
cdef public dict last_time
def __init__(self):
self.results = {}
self.last_time = {}
def enable(self):
PyEval_SetTrace(python_trace_callback, self)
def _enable_noop(self):
PyEval_SetTrace(python_trace_noop_callback, self)
def disable(self):
PyEval_SetTrace(NULL, <object>NULL)
def reset(self):
self.results = {}
self.last_time = {}
def get_timer():
return hpTimer()
def get_timer_implementation():
if isinstance(HP_TIMER_IMPLEMENTATION, str):
return HP_TIMER_IMPLEMENTATION.decode("ascii")
def get_unit():
return hpTimerUnit()
cdef class LineTiming:
cdef public object code
cdef public int lineno
cdef public uint64_t total_time
cdef public long n_hits
def __init__(self, object code, int lineno):
self.code = code
self.lineno = lineno
self.total_time = 0
self.n_hits = 0
cdef hit(self, uint64_t dt):
self.n_hits += 1
self.total_time += dt
def as_tuple(self):
return self.lineno, self.n_hits, self.total_time
def __repr__(self):
return '<LineTiming for %r lineno: %r n_hits: %r total_time: %r>' % (
self.code, self.lineno, self.n_hits, <long>self.total_time)
def __add__(self, other):
if not isinstance(other, LineTiming):
return NotImplemented
if self.code != other.code:
raise ValueError
if self.lineno != other.lineno:
raise ValueError
res = LineTiming(self.code, self.lineno)
res.total_time = self.total_time + other.total_time
res.n_hits = self.n_hits + other.n_hits
return res
def __copy__(self):
res = LineTiming(self.code, self.lineno)
res.total_time = self.total_time
res.n_hits = self.n_hits
return res
cdef class LastTime:
cdef int f_lineno
cdef uint64_t time
def __cinit__(self, int f_lineno, uint64_t time):
self.f_lineno = f_lineno
self.time = time
cdef int python_trace_callback(object self_, PyFrameObject *py_frame, int what,
PyObject *arg):
cdef LineProfiler self
cdef dict results
cdef dict result_code
cdef dict last_time
cdef LineTiming entry
cdef LastTime old
cdef object code
cdef uint64_t time
cdef int lineno
if what != PyTrace_LINE and what != PyTrace_RETURN:
return 0
time = hpTimer()
self = <LineProfiler>self_
last_time = self.last_time
code = <object>py_frame.f_code
if code in last_time:
results = self.results
if code in results:
result_code = results[code]
result_code = results[code] = {}
old = last_time[code]
lineno = old.f_lineno
if lineno not in result_code:
result_code[lineno] = entry = LineTiming(code, lineno)
entry = result_code[lineno]
entry.hit(time - old.time)
if what == PyTrace_RETURN:
del last_time[code]
if what == PyTrace_LINE:
last_time[code] = LastTime(py_frame.f_lineno, hpTimer())
return 0
cdef int python_trace_noop_callback(object self_, PyFrameObject *py_frame, int what,
PyObject *arg):
return 0