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Assets for YNAB Help Docs – HelpScout

Assets for

Releasing Changes to HelpScout

  1. Make sure the changes are part of the master branch.
  2. On GitHub navigate into the asset file.
  3. The asset version is a series of letters and numbers located in the header of the latest commit message.
  4. Copy the asset version.
  5. Using the asset version, build a jsDelivr URL using the following format{version}/{asset} – i.e., replace {version} with the asset version and {asset} with the asset name.
    • e.g. the URL for ynab_helpscout.css version 9835f05 is
  6. Navigate to HelpScout's docs site custom code tab – Manage -> Docs -> YNAB Help -> Custom Code
  7. Update the CSS URL inside Custom Stylesheet URL or other assets' URL inside Insert <head> Code

Creating an Icon

Watch the video on how to use the Doodle library and online services to create a new icon.

Adding an Icon to a Category

Watch the video on how to upload a new icon and update the ynab_helpscout.css file to use the new icon in a category.

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