YNAB API Ruby Library
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YNAB API Ruby Library

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This is the Ruby client for the YNAB API.

Please read the YNAB API documentation for an overview of using the API and a complete list of available resources.

This client is generated using the Swagger Code Generator.


gem install ynab


To use this client you must obtain an access token from your My Account page of the YNAB web app.

require 'ynab'

access_token = 'bf0cbb14b4330-not-real-3de12e66a389eaafe2'

ynab_api = YNAB::API.new(access_token)

budget_response = ynab_api.budgets.get_budgets
budgets = budget_response.data.budgets

budgets.each do |budget|
  puts "Budget Name: #{budget.name}"


See the examples folder for example usage scenarios.


The following methods are available in this library.

Method Description
User user.get_user() Returns authenticated user information
Budgets budgets.get_budgets() Returns budgets list with summary information
budgets.get_budget_by_id(budget_id) Returns a single budget with all related entities
budgets.get_budget_settings_by_id(budget_id) Returns settings for a budget
Accounts accounts.get_accounts(budget_id) Returns all accounts
accounts.get_account_by_id(budget_id, account_id) Returns a single account
Categories categories.get_categories(budget_id) Returns all categories grouped by category group.
categories.get_category_by_id(budget_id, category_id) Returns a single category
Payees payees.get_payees(budget_id) Returns all payees
payees.get_payee_by_id(budget_id, payee_id) Returns single payee
Payee Locations payee_locations.get_payee_locations(budget_id) Returns all payee locations
payee_locations.get_payee_location_by_id(budget_id, payee_location_id) Returns a single payee location
payee_locations.get_payee_locations_by_payee(budget_id, payee_id) Returns all payee locations for the specified payee
Months months.get_budget_months(budget_id) Returns all budget months
months.get_budget_month(budget_id, month) Returns a single budget month
Transactions transactions.get_transactions(budget_id) Returns budget transactions
transactions.get_transactions_by_account(budget_id, account_id) Returns all transactions for a specified account
transactions.get_transactions_by_category(budget_id, category_id) Returns all transactions for a specified category
transactions.get_transaction_by_id(budget_id, transaction_id) Returns a single transaction
transactions.update_transaction(budget_id, id, transaction) Updates a transaction
transactions.create_transaction(budget_id, transaction) Creates a new transaction
transactions.bulk_create_transactions(budget_id, transactions) Creates multiple transactions
Scheduled Transactions scheduled_transactions.get_scheduled_transactions(budget_id) Returns all scheduled transactions
scheduled_transactions.get_scheduled_transaction_by_id(budget_id, scheduled_transaction_id) Returns a single scheduled transaction


  • Install dependencies: bundle
  • Generate latest client based on swagger spec: rake generate
  • Run tests: rake spec or rspec


  • Generate latest with rake generate
  • Commit all changes
  • Bump gemVersion in config.json
  • Run rake publish to publish to RubyGems


Copyright (c) 2018 You Need A Budget, LLC

Licensed under the Apache-2.0 license