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DZR: the command line player ci

⚠️ For legal reasons this project

  • does not contain any track decryption key
  • does not cache any tracks on your machine




  • mpv for playback (because of PLAYER="mpv -" default env variable)
  • curl for HTTP query
  • jq for API parsing
  • dialog for TUI
  • openssl (or openssl-tool in Android) for track decryption


  • Linux and {Free,Open}BSD
  • Android (using Termux from F-droid)
  • Window 10 (running dzr as CGI server from WSL and browsing from Windows)


From the AUR (Arch Linux)

yay -S dzr

From GURU (Gentoo)

emerge --ask dzr

From sources

Save source into a dzr-master folder, then copy into /usr/local/bin :

curl -sL | tar xzf -
sudo mv dzr-master/dzr* /usr/local/bin

Usage Examples

dzr             # welcome screen
dzr /artist/860 # browse

Automatic ID3v2 Tagging

Use dzr-id3 to rename (as $ARTIST - $TITLE.mp3) and tag a given MP3 using it deezer track id

# the following examples are all equivalent
dzr-id3 1043317462 daylight.mp3
dzr-id3 /track/1043317462 daylight.mp3
dzr-id3 daylight.mp3

Real time Lyrics

Use dzr-srt to extract lyrics of the current track and pass it to mpv as --sub-file :

PLAYER='mpv --sub-file=<(dzr-srt $id) -' dzr /track/14408104

HTTP/Web interface

In addition to it command line interface, dzr also support being invoked from a cgi server :

mkdir -p cgi-bin
cp dzr* ./cgi-bin/
python3 -m http.server --cgi

You shall then be able to play any track over HTTP (ex: )

A basic web interface is also available on

Feel free to create your own frontend an publish it as a new repository (not as a dzr fork) with the dzr tag.