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Google homepage with yours pictures
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Google Homepage with your Photos Library

Having google home page with your pictures.

Base on the Google photos library project...

You need a client_secret.json file in the root with oAuth2 credentials.

For try, go to

For more informations, read this : This directory contains some samples to help you get started with the PHP client library for the [Google Photos Library API]

Get started with the samples

. Download the source code for the sample by either cloning this repository and branch (for example git clone -b samples) or by downloading a compressed tarball. . Set up your Google Developers project, enable the Google Photos Library API, and create credentials for a web application.

See Setting up your OAuth2 credentials. . Download the OAuth configuration as a JSON file and copy it to the root of the directory with the name client_secret.json. . Install all dependencies through composer by running composer install. . Check that your webserver fulfills all requirements, in particular the version of PHP and all required modules. . Configure your web server to serve the src/ directory. . In the file photoslibrary-sample.ini, change the URLs where the samples are accessible. The URLs listed here must be included in the OAuth configuration in the developer console as Authorised redirect URIs.

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