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A Panorama Module for custom timers in Dota 2
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A Panorama Module for custom timers in Dota 2
The Scaleform Module has been deprecated and can be found here [src].

GFY Preview


Places the panorama and script files in the correct location in your custom game directory.

In lua use

CustomGameEventManager:Send_ServerToAllClients("display_timer", {msg="Remaining", duration=10, mode=0, endfade=false, position=0, warning=5, paused=false, sound=true} )


  • msg (String) = Your Message
  • duration (Integer) = Duration in seconds
  • endfade (Boolean) = When true the timer will not disappear when it hits 0
  • position (Integer) = 0 (Display Center), 1 (Display Left), 2 (Display Right), 4 (Display Center - offset)
  • warning (Integer) = -1 (Disable, Will default to '0' Red) - Changes the timer color to red when the timer is low
  • paused (Boolean) = true (Pause), false (Unpause)
  • sound (Boolean) = true (Warning Sound On), false (Warning Sound Off)
  • mode (Integer) = 0 (Countdown), 1 (Countup)

You may also call this lua function to pause the timer.

CustomGameEventManager:Send_ServerToAllClients("pause_timer", {pause=true} )


  • paused (Boolean) = true (Pause), false (Unpause)
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