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Minimalistic xml based flat-file CMS written in PHP
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Lokiweb is a xml-based flat file content management system (CMS) written in php. I have been slowly working on it since about two years. Lokiweb is mostly a little hobby-project to work on on slow days but over time it has grown more mature and feature-rich and now I aim to make it reliable enough for real-life use. Do note that lokiweb is developed by a hobbyist and in no way I guarantee any of it's code is of high quality. The aim for lokiweb is for it to be simple but flexible. Or in other words, simple while not sacrificing flexibility. Lokiweb is intended to be more than a cms for simple static five-page brochure site. It can render complex layouts which can be different for every page. Both the front-end and back-end of lokiweb are fully customizable. This cms never decides how you want to use it, there is no fixed wysiwyg editor but you can choose the one you like. The philosophy of lokiweb is that something that could be implemented as an plug-in has no place in the core. Even the use of xml for storing your data is no requirement, an extension only needs to communicate to the core in the expected way.

Some features present in lokiweb that may or may not be worth mentioning:

  • 40-line flexible theme parser
  • XML class with added functionality for interacting with xml-objects
  • Functions for separation between logic and presentation including for instance forms and tables
  • Support for Modules that add new types of content
  • Support for plug-ins that interact with lokiweb trough hooks
  • Ajax back-end for website administration
  • Full caching support, only a few functions needed to serve cached pages
  • No installation, transfer the files and the system is ready to go

Installing lokiweb


  • web-server supporting php5
  • SimpleXML extension enabled

Upload and change permissions

Place all the files on web-server supporting php5. Next make sure the following files are writable by lokiweb:

  • all the files in /database/

You may want to download additional themes or modules. Themes can be placed in /themes/.


If everything works correctly pointing your browser a the folder of your lokiweb installation should result in seeing a sample lokiweb site. To access the admin point your browser to "admin.php", login with the password "test". You will now be redirected tot the lokiweb-admin. On the "about" tab you can check if all the file-permissions are set correctly. For further information on using lokiweb please refer to the lokiweb wiki.


Please report any encountered problems to the github issue-tracker. Lokiweb is tested on apache, firefox and chromium.


Lokiweb is licensed under de GNU AGPLv3, this means that when you serve a modified version of lokiweb you are required to provide modified source with it. Please refer to license.txt for full licensing terms.

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