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Preliminary development of SSO capabilities for sims_maf.

Requirements: -sims_maf (preferably v2.0+) -oorb

Install sims_maf however you would prefer (I'll assume you are familiar with the LSST software stack).

Install oorb. Two choices: git clone the original/master repo ( and follow all instructions there. Or (preferred) git clone the eups-ified version created by Mario ( and follow the original installation instructions up to the point of setting environment variables. At that point, stop and use eups (this fork has a ups directory).

Note when installing oorb:

  • You need a fortran compiler. gfortran will be fine. gfortran 4.9 works, 5.0 did not last I checked (maybe it does now?).
  • from the main directory: ./configure gfortran -opt ; cd main ; make
  • You need to get the JPL binaries: cd data/JPL_ephemeris; make ; cd .. ; ./updateOBSCODE
  • You need to build the python interfaces: cd python ; make pyoorb Test the installation by doing 'python'. Don't forget to eups declare / setup oorb.

Git clone this repository.

  • setup sims_maf
  • setup oorb

You're ready to go - try the ipython notebooks ExampleMoObs.ipynb and ExampleMoMetrics.ipynb.


Very preliminary development of SSO capabilities for sims_maf



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