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Data used in my PhD dissertation
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Data used in my PhD dissertation

This repository contains the data files and script files that were used to generate all the plots which can be found in my PhD thesis. Plots were created using Gnuplot.

The following folders correspond to the following chapter of my dissertation:

  • sr_migration: Zero-loss virtual machine migration with IPv6 Segment Routing
  • dc_optim: Flow-aware workload migration in data centers
  • rbier: Reliable multicast with BIER
  • bier_peer: Reliable BIER with peer caching
  • 6lb: 6LB: Scalable and application-aware load balancing with Segment Routing
  • shell: Stateless load-aware load balancing in P4
  • sr_autoscale: Joint autoscaling and load balancing with Segment Routing

For each of these chapters, the script ./ will generate PDF figures corresponding to the graphs found in these chapters. Nota Bene: the scripts are intended for MacOS and thus make use of gzcat in order to decompress *.gz files. On Linux, you might need to alias gzcat to zcat for the scripts to work.

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