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µcblog is a C based static website generator. It is inspired by jekyll and growl and aims to be very simple to use, with very few dependencies. And because I'm an embedded engineer, it's meant to be used on embedded systems and for self-hosting. Just Linux and ucblog ! No other boring stuff to install like jekyll.

03-2013 Note: This project is not maintained anymore. Two reasons :

  • libctemplate is old and not so adapted to µcblog usage. I would need to develop a new light template library in C. Like jinja2 in Python. But, this is to much work for myself, and not so fun. Moreover I'd prefer to use another license, like MIT.
  • I switched to growl for my personal use

So, the project stays here for posterity :P Don't pay attention to the quality/architecture of the project. It was a Proof of Concept at first and I never took the time to switch to something more organised and clean.


  • developed in C, very small binary with few dependencies
  • your website architecture is based on the filesystem. Aimed to be as natural as possible for users.
  • markdown formatted data as input - Using Sundown (MIT)
  • Html templating - Using libctemplate (GPL) and something like liquid or jinja2 that doesn't exist in C yet.
  • HTML/CSS/JS rendering with bootstrap and google-code-prettify to make your blog prettier ;) But you can use whatever HTML/CSS/JS you want.


> cd ucblog
> make

How simple is that ?

(I will tweak the makefile to get something more advanced, but later)


> ./ucblog ./sources ./tmp


Licensed under the terms of the GPL License

Other :


Yoann Sculo - yoann.sculo@gmail.com