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v0.9.5 (28th December 2012)
- Bugfix: AudienceRangeValue can be non-numeric
v0.9.4 (24th April 2012)
- Upgrade roxml dependency
- expand APAProduct to allow the nett price to be set
v0.9.3 (8th November 2011)
- Fix ordering of elements within thew Price composite
v0.9.2 (7th November 2011)
- add basic support for setting and retrieving discount codes on prices
v0.9.1 (5th September 2011)
- relax activesupport dependency to work with rails 3 or 3.1
v0.9.0 (14th April 2011)
- switch back to the vanilla roxml gem. Ben is maintaining it again and
he has merged in my bug fixes
- clarify comments explaining encoding behaviour
- Add options hash to ONIX::Reader. Only option at this stage is :encoding,
which allows the user to override the assumed encoding of the input XML
- API change, so new minor version
v0.8.5 (21st December 2010)
- update packaging - use bundler and rspec 2.x
- support normalising short tag files that include HTML tags
v0.8.4 (18th October 2010)
- some small fixes to xml names from Tim
- make all code lists available via the ONIX::Lists class
v0.8.3 (9th September 2010)
- Fix for race condition in ONIX::Normaliser
- thanks to pixelvixen for reporting
- force roxml to be 3.1.6 or higher. Earlier versions misbehaved when monkey
patching nokogiri
v0.8.2 (6th May 2010)
- fix APAProduct#series and APAProduct#series=
v0.8.1 (5th January 2010)
- Use nokogiri's support for transparent entity conversion when reading an ONIX file
- Removed entity replacement from ONIX::Normaliser
- the external dependency on sed made me uncomfortable, and it wasn't really
necessary now that nokogiri can do it for us
- Removed utf-8 normalisation from ONIX::Normaliser
- nokogiri also handles this really cleanly and transparently. Regardless of
the source file encoding, Nokogiri::Reader returns utf-8 encoded data
- Add the release attribute to files we generate
- it's optional in 2.1, but mandatory in 3.0. As we start to see 3.0 files in the
wild it will help to have a rapid way to distinguish between them
- Add ONIX::Reader#release - to detect the release version of files we read in
v0.8.0 (31st October 2009)
- Replace LibXML dependency with Nokogiri. Nokogiri is under active development, has
a responsive maintainer and is significantly more stable
- Switch to ROXML 3.x
- roxml also switched from libxml to nokogiri
- roxml removed deprecated parts of it's API
- should now avoid various conflicts with mongrel
- Ensure APAProduct#price returns the first product price and ignores
the price type
v0.7.8 (19th October 2009)
- add support for additional elements (mostly series and audience related)
- thanks tim
v0.7.7 (1st October 2009)
- optimise sed usage in ONIX::Normaliser. *huge* speed improvement on
large files.
v0.7.6 (21st September 2009)
- provide access to the PackQuantity element
v0.7.5 (8th September 2009)
- Don't raise an exception on malformed dates when reading files
v0.7.4 (2nd September 2009)
- Expand ONIX::Normaliser
- strip control chars
- add encoding declaration to valid utf-8 files that aren't declared
as such
v0.7.3 (19th August 2009)
- Switch from java to xsltproc to convert short tag ONIX files
to reference tags
v0.7.2 (19th August 2009)
- Added ONIX::Normaliser class
- for normalising various ONIX files into a form that makes them easy
to process. Shouldn't be necesary to pre-process files like this, but
I'm sick of trying to wrestle the libxml ruby bindings
v0.7.1 (24th June 2009)
- Small tweak to ordering of elements in the Product group
v0.7.0 (17th June 2009)
- try using LibXML for reader again
- retrieving the ONIX version of the input file is currently disabled, as
that seems to be the source of our instability
- Various Ruby 1.9 compatability tweaks
- add source file coding declarations. All source files are UTF-8
- ONIX::Reader ensures all input data is converted to UTF-8
- the ROXML based objects seem to forget the encoding when they're marshalled,
so force string based attributes *back* to UTF-8
v0.6.7 (Unreleased)
- add some accessors to the Title composite
v0.6.6 (Unreleased)
- Forget the S on an element name
v0.6.5 (Unreleased)
- Ruby 1.9 compat
v0.6.4 (Unreleased)
- Add APAProduct#price
- Bump ROXML dependency to 2.5.3 to get libxml-ruby 1.1.3 compatibility
v0.6.2 (Unreleased)
- Fix a small typo in APAProduct
v0.6.1 (Unreleased)
- Stopped using LibXMLs Reader class as the basis for our reader.
- We were getting too many segfaults (even 1 is too many!)
- until we resolve it, reverted to manual string parsing
- This is a fairly major regression of functionality. For 99% of files
it won't matter, but for some corner cases it will. ie UTF-16 encoded
- Will also be noticeably slower
- Hopefully only a short term fix, until I work out what is going on with
v0.6.0 (18th March 2009)
- remove use of threads in ONIX::Reader
- a producer/consumer pattern was useful in the REXML stream parsing days, but
now LibXML's Reader binding provides a better alternative
- API left unchanged, this was all under the hood
- bump required ROXML version to 2.5.2
v0.5.1 (4th March 2009)
- Fix a single letter typo
v0.5 (2nd March 2009)
- Switch ROXML dependency from a patched version to vanilla
- Vanilla ROXML now has all the features we need
- This change should be transparent to ONIX gem users
v0.4.7 (9th December 2008)
- Contributor sub elements should match the order specified in the DTD
v0.4.6 (2nd December 2008)
- 2 new accessors on the contributor class - bio and corporate name
v0.4.5 (21st November 2008)
- APAProduct wrapper should generate valid MediaFile composites
v0.4.4 (19th November 2008)
- Added support for more elements from MarketRepresentation
v0.4.3 (11th November 2008)
- Added support for AgentName and MarketPublishingStatus
v0.4.2 (1st November 2008)
- Remove final remnants of REXML code
- Minor reordering of elements to match DTD
- Added accessors to various product measurements. Height, weight, etc.
- Reduced time for an ONIX::Reader class to initialise
v0.4.0 (28th October 2008)
- Major rework: now based on ROXML instead of xml-mapping
- Mostly API Compatible
- StreamReader and StreamWriter renamed to Reader and Writer
- ROXML is based on libxml, so things should be significantly faster
v0.2.7 (Unreleased)
- Add line breaks after each product
v0.2.5 (Unreleased)
- Make PublishingStatus a two_digit_node
v0.2.4 (Unreleased)
- Initialise the media files array of a new product correctly
v0.2.3 (Unreleased)
- Switch a few more fields over to TwoDigitNodes
- Make the product availability field accessible from APAProduct
v0.2.2 (Unreleased)
- Add a new nodetype (DateNode) for YYYYMMDD fields
v0.2.1 (Unreleased)
- Add a new nodetype (TwoDigitNode) for two digit codes
v0.2.0 (16th July 2008)
- Add support for reading and storing subject codes (BIC, BISAC, etc)
v0.1.0 (12th June 2008)
- Initial Release