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<m174>InterVarsity Press</m174>
<m175>Marsha Barnish</m175>
<b203>Discipleship Essentials</b203>
<b029>A Guide to Building Your Life in Christ</b029>
<b036>Greg Ogden </b036>
<b037>Ogden, Greg </b037>
<b044>Greg Ogden (D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary) is executive pastor of discipleship at Christ Church of Oak Brook in Oak Brook, Illinois. Previously he was academic director of the doctor of ministry program and associate professor of lay equipping and discipleship at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.
A pastor for 23 years with the Presbyterian Church, USA, he also served for nine years as senior pastor of Saratoga Federated Church in Saratoga, California. While there, he developed a discipleship program used by over 15,000 people and resulting in his book, <em>Discipleship Essentials.</em> Ogden has also written <em>The New Reformation: Returning the Ministry to the People of God</em> (Zondervan, rereleased in 2003 as <em>Unfinished Business</em>).</b044>
<b058>Expanded Edition</b058>
<d104 textformat="05">A year 2000 Finalist in the ECPA book competition!
Discover the fullness of life in Christ.
We grow in Christ as we seek him together. Jesus' own pattern of disciple-making was to be intimately involved with others and allow life to rub against life. By gathering in twos or threes to study the Bible and encourage one another, we most closely follow Jesus' example with the twelve disciples.
This workbook by Greg Ogden is a tool designed to help you follow this pattern Jesus drew for us. Working through it will deepen your knowledge of essential Christian teaching and strengthen your faith.
Each week contains the following elements:
<li>a core truth presented in a question-answer format</li>
<li>a memory verse and accompanying study</li>
<li>an field-tested inductive Bible study</li>
<li>a reading on the theme for the week</li>
<li>questions to draw out key principles in the reading</li>
This material is designed for groups of three. It has also been used successfully as an individual study program, a one-on-one discipling tool and small group curriculum.
Jesus had a big enough vision to think small. Focusing on a few did not limit his influence. Rather, it expanded it. <em>Discipleship Essentials</em> is designed to help us influence others as Jesus did--by investing in a few.
Second edition includes a new foreword by the author. These studies are for both individuals and groups.</d104>
<d104 textformat="05">Greg Ogden presents 25 sessions on growing in spiritual maturity. Second edition includes a new foreword by the author. These studies are for both individuals and groups.</d104>
<d104 textformat="05">A Word from the Author<br />
Getting the Most from Discipleship Essentials<br />
<br />
Part One: Growing Up in Christ<br />
1 Making Disciples<br />
2 Being a Disciple<br />
3 Quiet Time<br />
4 Bible Study<br />
5 Prayer<br />
6 Worship<br />
<br />
Part Two: Understanding the Message of Christ<br />
7 The Three-Person God<br />
8 Made in God?s Image<br />
9 Sin<br />
10 Grace<br />
11 Redemption<br />
12 Justification<br />
13 Adoption<br />
<br />
Part Three: Becoming Like Christ<br />
14 Filled with the Holy Spirit<br />
15 Fruit of the Holy Spirit<br />
16 Trust<br />
17 Love<br />
18 Justice<br />
19 Witness<br />
<br />
Part Four: Serving Christ<br />
20 The Church<br />
21 Ministry Gifts<br />
22 Spiritual Warfare<br />
23 Walking in Obedience<br />
24 Sharing the Wealth<br />
<br />
Bonus Section<br />
25 Money<br />
<br />
Appendix: Building a Discipleship Ministry</d104>
<d104 textformat="05">"I have long admired Greg Ogden's rare ability to distill the complex down to the essential. <em>Discipleship Essentials</em> has become a modern classic in the field of discipleship because it does just this. If you've ever looked for a tool to help people you care about understand the core principles and practices of the Christian life, look no further than this book. I have seen it help absolute beginners and advanced disciples alike mature in their walk with Christ in a life-changing way. The book is interactive, thought-provoking, enjoyable and deep. I use it weekly myself.<br /></d104>
<d107>Daniel Meyer, senior pastor, Christ Church of Oak Brook, Illinois</d107>
<d104 textformat="05">"If you're looking for a shortcut to the likeness of Christ, stop looking because there isn't one. No program or structure can replace the hard, time-consuming, rewarding and utterly fulfilling process of discipleship. <em>Discipleship Essentials</em> is revolutionizing the lives of the people in our church. Everyone can and should use this effective tool!"</d104>
<d107>Jan den Ouden, minister-at-large, OM International, Rotterdam</d107>
<d104 textformat="05">"Our entire congregation used <em>Discipleship Essentials</em> as the template for a yearlong sermon and small group series. It served as a life-changing tool that united our church family and deepened our faith as a community. Ogden's work is thorough, organized and challenging--a great resource for churches and small groups who desire to grow in their love for the Lord and their commitment to following him."</d104>
<d107>Rev. Jane Filkin, associate pastor of community life, First Presbyterian Church, Boulder, Colorado</d107>
<d104 textformat="05">"I am currently leading my fourth group. The study is a Spirit-inspired study of the skeletal structure of our Christian faith upon which individuals can flesh out the shape of their individual walk with our Lord. If taken seriously and followed as a spiritual discipline, the truths it contains will change the follower's life, and lives that come in contact with the disciple will be touched by God's love. It's a powerful tool in a group for learning to practice confession and being accountable. It is never old for me. The Spirit speaks to me through the Word in the study. I am refreshed every time we meet as a group."</d104>
<d107>Hudson Staffield, president, Chi Rho Ministry</d107>
<d104 textformat="05">"Greg Ogden's engaging book sets the expectation that every follower of Jesus has the joyful responsibility to invest into two or three regularly and purposefully for the kingdom. For the past ten years, <em>Discipleship Essentials</em> has provided an engaging and balanced approach to the task of raising up mature believers who will then themselves invest in others. I can only imagine that in the next ten years thousands more will be shaped toward maturity because of his important work that gives each believer the inspiration and the framework to do what they were made to do: advance the kingdom by making mature disciples."</d104>
<d107>Rev. Timothy J. Yee, minister of young adults, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Newport Beach, California</d107>
<d104 textformat="05">"One of the most serious challenges facing the church in North America is that of undiscipled church members. Greg Ogden's work seeks to move Sunday-only consumer Christians into the adventurous life of following Jesus on a daily basis in authentic community. It provides an indispensable resource to help local churches address this challenge."</d104>
<d107>Eddie Gibbs, professor, Fuller Theological Seminary and author of <em>ChurchNext</em></d107>
<d104 textformat="05">"<em>Discipleship Essentials</em> is the most effective tool I know of for use in encouraging actual growth in personal discipleship. I give it to all of the pastors I am working with in congregational transformation and missional engagement because growing disciples is essential to their congregations' vitality."</d104>
<d107>E. Stanley Ott, president, The Vital Churches Institute</d107>
<b079>IVP Connect</b079>
<b081>InterVarsity Press</b081>
<j137>InterVarsity Press</j137>