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v0.0.6 (25th April 2011)
- more improvements to the MinPpi rule. Improves accuracy
in some situtations
v0.0.5 (25th April 2011)
- bug: improve accuracy of MinPpi rule, it was incorrectly calculating the
ppi of many images
v0.0.4 (24th April 2011)
- bug: fix occasional crash due to not dereferencing an object
- bug: improve accuracy of rules that check box-related page attributes
- MediaBox, TrimBox, etc
v0.0.3 (7th April 2011)
- added some additional rules to the pdfx1a profile
v0.0.2 (1st April 2011)
* fix possible execption in MinPpi rule
v0.0.1 (27th March 2011)
* initial release
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