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# coding: utf-8
require 'yaml'
# This spec just checks that the PDFs in the spec suite are intact.
# If the PDFs have been modified in some way (like git mangling the
# line endings) then specs wil fail in confusing ways.
# This spec will fail if a new PDF is added to the suite but not
# listed in spec/integrity.yml. After adding the new PDF, be sure to
# run 'rake integrity_yaml'
describe "Spec suite PDFs" do
it "should be intact" do
yaml_path = File.expand_path("integrity.yml",File.dirname(__FILE__))
pdfs_path = File.expand_path("data/**/**.pdf",File.dirname(__FILE__))
integrity = YAML.load_file(yaml_path)
Dir.glob(pdfs_path).each do |path|
relative_path = path[/.+(data\/.+)/,1]
item = integrity[relative_path]
# every PDF in the suite MUST be included in the integrity file
expect(item).not_to be_nil, "#{path} not found in integrity YAML file"
# every PDF in the suite MUST be the correct number of bytes
expect(File.size(path)).to eql(item[:bytes])
# every PDF in the suite MUST be unchanged
md5 = Digest::MD5.hexdigest(, "rb") { |f| })
expect(md5).to eq(item[:md5])