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v0.8.2 (1st January 2010)
- Fix parsing of files that use Form XObjects behind an indirect reference
(thanks Cornelius Illi and Patrick Crosby)
- Rewrote Buffer class to fix various speed issues reported over the years
- On my sample file extracting full text reduced from 220 seconds to 9 seconds.
v0.8.1 (27th November 2009)
- Added PDF::Hash#version. Provides access to the source file PDF version
v0.8.0 (20th November 2009)
- Added PDF::Hash. It provides direct access to objects from a PDF file
with an API that emulates the standard Ruby hash
v0.7.7 (11th September 2009)
- Trigger callbacks contained in Form XObjects when we encounter them in a
content stream
- Fix inheritance of page resources to comply with section 3.6.2
v0.7.6 (28th August 2009)
- Various bug fixes that increase the files we can successfully parse
- Treat float and integer tokens differently (thanks Neil)
- Correctly handle PDFs where the Kids element of a Pages dict is an indirect
reference (thanks Rob Holland)
- Fix conversion of PDF strings to Ruby strings on 1.8.6 (thanks Andrès Koetsier)
- Fix decoding with ASCII85 and ASCIIHex filters (thanks Andrès Koetsier)
- Fix extracting inline images from content streams (thanks Andrès Koetsier)
- Fix extracting [ ] from content streams (thanks Christian Rishøj)
- Fix conversion of text to UTF8 when the cmap uses bfrange (thanks Federico Gonzalez Lutteroth)
v0.7.5 (27th August 2008)
- Fix a 1.8.7ism
v0.7.4 (7th August 2008)
- Raise a MalformedPDFError if a content stream contains an unterminated string
- Fix an bug that was causing an endless loop on some OSX systems
- valid strings were incorrectly thought to be unterminated
- thanks to Jeff Webb for playing email ping pong with me as I tracked this
issue down
v0.7.3 (11th June 2008)
- Add a high level way to get direct access to a PDF object, including a new executable: pdf_object
- Fix a hard loop bug caused by a content stream that is missing a final operator
- Significantly simplified the internal code for encoding conversions
- Fixes YACC parsing bug that occurs on Fedora 8's ruby VM
- New callbacks
- page_count
- pdf_version
- Fix a bug that prevented a font's BaseFont from being recorded correctly
v0.7.2 (20th May 2008)
- Throw an UnsupportedFeatureError if we try to open an encrypted/secure PDF
- Correctly handle page content instruction sets with trailing whitespace
- Represent PDF Streams with a new object, PDF::Reader::Stream
- their really wasn't any point in separating the stream content from it's associated dict. You need both
parts to correctly interpret the content
v0.7.1 (6th May 2008)
- Non-page strings (ie. metadata, etc) are now converted to UTF-8 more accurately
- Fixed a regression between 0.6.2 and 0.7 that prevented difference tables from being applied
correctly when translating text into UTF-8
v0.7 (6th May 2008)
- API INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: any hashes that are passed to callbacks use symbols as keys instead of PDF::Reader::Name instances.
- Improved support for converting text in some PDF files to unicode
- Behave as expected if the Contents key in a Page Dict is a reference
- Include some basic metadata callbacks
- Don't interpret a comment token (%) inside a string as a comment
- Small fixes to improve 1.9 compatibility
- Improved our Zlib deflating to make it slightly more robust - still some more issues to work out though
- Throw an UnsupportedFeatureError if a pdf that uses XRef streams is opened
- Added an option to PDF::Reader#file and PDF::Reader#string to enable parsing of only parts of a PDF file(ie. only metadata, etc)
v0.6.2 (22nd March 2008)
- Catch low level errors when applying filters to a content stream and raise a MalformedPDFError instead.
- Added support for processing inline images
- Support for parsing XRef tables that have multiple subsections
- Added a few callbacks to improve the way we supply information on page resources
- Ignore whitespace in hex strings, as required by the spec (section 3.2.3)
- Use our "unknown character box" when a single character in an Identity-H string fails to decode
- Support ToUnicode CMaps that use the bfrange operator
- Tweaked tokenising code to ensure whitespace doesn't get in the way
v0.6.1 (12th March 2008)
- Tweaked behaviour when we encounter Identity-H encoded text that doesn't have a ToUnicode mapping. We
just replace each character with a little box.
- Use the same little box when invalid characters are found in other encodings instead of throwing an ugly
- Added a method to RegisterReceiver that returns all occurrences of a callback
v0.6.0 (27th February 2008)
- all text is now transparently converted to UTF-8 before being passed to the callbacks.
before this version, text was just passed as a byte level copy of what was in the PDF file, which
was mildly annoying with some encodings, and resulted in garbled text for Unicode encoded text.
- Fonts that use a difference table are now handled correctly
- fixed some 1.9 incompatible syntax
- expanded RegisterReceiver class to record extra info
- expanded rspec coverage
- tweaked a README example
v0.5.1 (1st January 2008)
- Several documentation tweaks
- Improve support for parsing PDFs under windows (thanks to Jari Williamsson)
v0.5 (14th December 2007)
- Initial Release
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