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Any support for Adobe Type 1 Font Format? #84

utensil opened this Issue February 16, 2013 · 2 comments

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utensil James Healy

When I run the example extract_fonts.rb for a pdf generated by pdfTeX, it complains:

unsupported font type Type1

I googled for Type1, it seems to be Adobe Type 1 Font Format( ), a PostScript-like font format.

I wonder if there is any plan about supporting it?

James Healy

i'll happily accept a patch that adds support for type1 fonts to extract_fonts.rb, but I personally don't have time to add support in the short term.


I had tried to export it and convert it to ttf according to the spec with partial success but:

  • adobe font type 1 is not a format directly supported by html5 web fonts, nor can it easily be converted to ttf by tools AFAIK, thus exporting the stream would be useless in my case
  • i partially parsed type 1 file, but it seems to be not quite helpful for me to present math symbols in the font file

i will keep working on it to see if anything eventually become useful.

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