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Carehome notification visualisation

working on assumed data structure with mock notifications, drawing care home locations from


Set up using node/npm. Get it here if you don't have it: When node is set up, run this command in your root folder to set up dependencies:

npm install

The only significant dependency is the CSV to json node package - all other remove packages are loaded via CDN. This includes:

  • leaflet for mapping.
  • jquery for AJAX calls and managing promises

The APIs used in this prototype are:

  • The CQC data API, to glean care home locations in postcode form
  • - used to convert care home postcodes into genuine lat/long pairs to place on the map.
  • - this API is used to wrap the CQC data API, as the CQC data API does not appear to support CORS requests. This is a potential point of failure, and sometimes results on 503 responses. Ideally amending the CQC data API to include an Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * header would enable webapps to successfully use the API without the wrapper.