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Application allowing to control Yoctopuce actuators from Flic buttons
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Yocto-Flic is a small python application which leverages the Fliclib SDK to interface Yoctopuce devices with Flic buttons. More info on Yoctopuce's web site

Screenshot example

Supported functions are


This application as been developed on a Raspberry PI 3 B+, it might work on other systems, as long as they feature a bluetooth adapter, but we didn't try.


Download and install the Fliclib SDK for Linux, read the file. Position yourself in the bin/armv6l/ folder and make sure the Flic server can access the Bluetooth stack (you only need to do that once) by typing

$ sudo setcap cap_net_admin=ep ./flicd

then start the Flic server

$ ./flicd -f flic.sqlite3

Download and install the Yocto-Flic files, and start the Yocto-Flic Script

$ python3

Then use a web browser to connect the Raspberry running the script (port 8081).


Usage is supposed to be pretty straight forward: just pair some button, add addresses of some YoctoHub or VirtualHub connected to compatible devices, compatible functions will be automatically listed. Then configure buttons Click, Double click and Hold actions. Here are the main points of the user interface:

UI description

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