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Wise and powerful personal assistant, available in your nearest terminal


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Wise and powerful personal assistant, available in your nearest terminal

Install, how to


  • python (both 2 and 3 are supported)
  • virtualenv (only for testing and development)
  • Python development package:
    • Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install -y libxml2-dev libxslt-dev python-dev libav-tools
    • Visual C++ 9.0 for Python (If using Windows)
    • python-devel package (If using MacOS/OSX: link)

Run, how to

1. Docker

  1. Install docker
  2. Run docker run --rm -it yodapa/yoda:latest yoda chat Hi

2. Using pip, without cloning

You can install yoda directly from the github repository using the following commands in shell. virtualenv yodaenv ./yodaenv/bin/pip install git+

3. Using pip, with cloning

Clone this repository and create a virtual environment using Python 2 in the cloned directory (virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python2 venv). Steps after that:

Instead of pip install --editable . you can use pip install . if you don't intend to make any changes in the code.

Use this package, how to


Use the chat command to talk to the inbuilt chatbot for this project.

You can test the chat functionality on agent website here


This command group contains some sub-commands that may be helpful for developers and tech-geeks.

  • speedtest: check your internet speed

  • url: URL shortener

  • hackernews: read hackernews articles

  • sitechecker: check if a site is up


    $ yoda checksite
    $ yoda checksite

  • whois: get whois records


    $ yoda dev whois

  • grep: grep implementation

    $ yoda dev grep PATTERN FILE|FOLDER -r [True] -i [True]
    -r is the flag for recursive search. -i enables case insensitive search.
    Both are optional parameter and the flags are off if they are not provided.
    $ yoda dev grep \d+ modules/ -r True
    Will recursively search all files in modules directory for any line containing 1 or more digits.
    $ yoda dev grep yOdA modules/ -i True
    Will recursively search all files in modules directory for any line containing the word yoda.
    This search is case insensitive.
    $ yoda dev grep yOdA -i True
    Will recursively search the file for any line containing the word yoda.
    This search is case insensitive.
  • gif: Create gif from images

    $ yoda gif from_images --source SOURCE_DIR --output OUTPUT_FILE
    Will scan the source directory and generate a gif. File will be located at OUTPUT_FILE.
    yoda gif from-images --source tests/resources/gif_frames/ --output test.gif
    $ yoda gif from_images --source SOURCE_DIR --output OUTPUT_FILE --<param> <value>
    Will scan the source directory and generate a gif. File will be located at OUTPUT_FILE.
    <param> and <value> can be any keyword argument that imageio's mimsave function takes.
    yoda gif from-images --source tests/resources/gif_frames/ --output test.gif --fps 9
    will create a gif with 9 fps.
  • gitsummary: gets the summary of your github account

    $ yoda gitsummary GITHUB_LOGIN GITHUB_PASSWORD
    Uses the GIthub v3 API to get number of repos, commits (last 24hr), open pull requests (last 24hr) and open issues (last 24hr).
    $ yoda gitsummary SomeUsername MySuperS3cr3tP4ssw0rd!
    Fetching data. Patience you must have, my young padawan.
    SomeUsername, ready your GitHub statistics are.
    6 repositories you have.
    In last 24 hours 10 commit(s), 2 pull requests(s) and 3 issue(s) you made.
  • run: compile and run source codes written in different programming languages!

    $ yoda run tests/resources/

  • fileshare: share files that are accessible only once

    $ yoda fileshare transport.png

  • keybindings: save key bindings

    # To add(or import) a keybindings file
    $ yoda dev keybindings add vim /absolute/path/to/keybinding/file.csv
    # To search keybinding action for a software
    $ yoda dev keybindings search vim move cusror
    Key Bindings:
        key       |          action
          h       |       move cursor left
          j       |       move cursor down
          k       |       move cursor up
          l       |       move cursor right
  • IP lookup: Get the geographical location of an IP address.

    $ yoda iplookup
    Virginia, United States


See your horoscope

  • command keep
# To add a command to your keep
$ yoda keep save -k find -k text -k name 'find . -name "*.txt"' command used to find textfiles by name
# To show all commands
$ yoda keep findall
# To show commands by keywords
$ yoda keep find -k text
# To remove a command
$ yoda keep remove -i ##command index, showed when running find or findall##


Create and complete goals, add tasks and analyze your progress.

# To set a goal (name, description, deadline)
$ yoda goals new

# To show list of ideas
$ yoda goals view

# To set a goal as completed
$ yoda goals complete

# To see number of completed/incomplete goals, missed deadlines etc.
$ yoda goals analyze

# To view tasks assigned to the goal
$ yoda goals tasks

Note: Use this module with diary module and assign new tasks to the goals by typing

$ yoda diary nt

and adding the goal names to the task when prompted to do so.


This command can be used to maintain a personal diary, roughly based on the concept of Bullet Journal.

For creating and writing new note type

# For writing new note
$ yoda diary nn

# First give the title of the note.
# Second give the text of the note

# Viewing all notes.
$ yoda diary notes

# Updating note
# Choose the date and then the note to update
$ yoda diary un

# Deleting Note
# Choose the date and then the note to delete
$ yoda diary dn

For writing and viewing tasks.

# Writing new task
$ yoda diary nt

# Viewing all tasks
$ yoda diary tasks

# Change the status of task to completed
$ yoda diary ct

# Update task
# Choose the date and then the task to update
$ yoda diary ut

# Delete Task
# Choose the date and then the task to delete
$ yoda diary dt

# Delete all completed tasks for today
$ yoda diary dct
# type c to confirm the deletion


This command can be used to maintain a profile of someone you love, take notes and remember what they like.


For tracking money, this is.

Get your expenses per month

$ yoda money exps_month
$ Sep: spent 75 USD
$ Nov: spent 15 USD
$ Dec: spent 125 USD

Convert currency

$ yoda money convert
Enter currency codes seperated by space:
₹ 1 = US$ 0.0136
Enter the amount in INR to be converted to USD
100 INR = 1.36 USD


Keep a record of things people have taken from you, and the things you have taken from them - to remind them / yourself to return

# To add an item
$ yoda leaselist add

# To show list of items lent/borrowed
$ yoda leaselist show

# To remove an item from the list
$ yoda leaselist remove

Idea list

For creating list of ideas, type

# To add idea
$ yoda ideas add --task <task_name> --inside <project_name>

# To show list of ideas
$ yoda ideas show

# To remove a task from idea
$ yoda ideas remove --task <task_name> --inside <project_name>

# To remove an idea completely
$ yoda ideas remove --project <project_name>

IP lookup

Get the geographical location of an IP address.

$ yoda iplookup
Virginia, United States

Custom cummands

Set a custom command.

$ yoda cc pwd
$ yoda pwd


This command group contains commands that, helpful in learning new things, will be.

  • vocabulary: For enhancing your vocabulary and tracking your progress.

  • flashcards: for learning anything! (inspiration)

    # create new set (remember to keep the name to one word)
    $  yoda flashcards sets new english
    # modify set
    $  yoda flashcards sets modify english
    # list all sets
    $  yoda flashcards sets list
    # select a study set
    $  yoda flashcards select english
    # create new card in selected set (card name length can be more than 1 word)
    $  yoda flashcards cards new Oxford comma
    # Know which set is selected and its information
    $  yoda flashcards status
    # study the selected study set. This will show you all the cards in a study set
    # one by one.
    $  yoda flashcards study
  • dictionary: to get definition, synonym, antonym and example of a word. This definition or synonym search will be automatically saved, so that while you are working on your vocabulary, you can come through the new word as well.

    $ yoda dictionary define car
    A few definitions of the word "car" with their parts of speech are given below:
    noun: a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine
    noun: the compartment that is suspended from an airship and that carries personnel and the cargo and the power plant
    noun: where passengers ride up and down
    noun: a wheeled vehicle adapted to the rails of railroad
    noun: a conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway
    This word already exists in the vocabulary set, so you can practice it while using that
    $ yoda dictionary synonym car
    A few synonyms of the word "car" are given below:
    elevator car
    railroad car
    railway car
    cable car
    This word already exists in the vocabulary set, so you can practice it while using that
    $ yoda dictionary antonym car
    Sorry, no antonyms were found for this word
    $ yoda dictionary example good
    A few examples of the word "good" are given below:
    weigh the good against the bad
    among the highest goods of all are happiness and self-realization
    a good friend


This command allows you to alias cumbersome commands.

# before: shortening a url
$ yoda url shorten

# alias shorten to be s
$ yoda alias new "shorten" "s"

# can now use s in place of shorten
$ yoda url s

# or alias the whole command as us
$ yoda alias new "url shorten" "us"
$ yoda us

# show your current aliases
$ yoda alias show

# delete aliases
$ yoda alias delete "us"
$ yoda alias delete "s"


This command outputs transformed ascii version of a given image.

    # give the path of the image you want to transform
    $ yoda ascii_transform logo.png



This command obtains the weather information of a specified location using wttr as the weather service.


This is an inbuilt people manager that can be used to save profiles of people and related information, like their birthdays, likes, and some personalized notes for them.

# To add people(or a friend)
$ yoda people setup

# To show added friends
$ yoda people status
     Mob    |     DOB    |   Name
 7503160111 | 1994-06-26 | Joy
 7503160112 | 1994-05-26 | Lobo

# To add what people like(or a friend likes)
$ yoda people like

# To add personalized notes for people(or friend)
$ yoda people note

# To view likes of your added people
$ yoda people likes
1: #petry
2: #acting

# To view personalized notes for added people(or friend)
$ yoda people notes
1: stop saying start doing
2: keep chin up


This command can be used to get the lyrics of a song.

$ yoda lyrics
Enter the artist name:
imagine dragons
Enter the title name:
Just a young gun with a quick fuse
I was uptight, wanna let loose
I was dreaming of bigger things in


Use this command to get suggestions related to food.

# To get a restaurant suggestion in your city:
$ yoda food suggest_restaurant
What city are you in? Berlin
What type of food are you interested in? Chinese

Why don't you try THIS restaurant tonight!

Shaniu's House of Noodles on Pariser Str. 58
Book a table at +493091552605

# To get a drink suggestion
$ yoda food suggest_drinks
Like you need a drink you look.  Hmmmmmm.
---------------------Jello shots---------------------
Vodka x 2 cups
Jello x 3 packages
Water x 3 cups
Instructions: Boil 3 cups of water then add jello. Mix jello and water until jello is completely disolved. Add the two cups of vodka and mix together. Pour mixture into plastic shot glasses and chill until firm. Then, eat away...

# To get a recipe suggestion
$ yoda food suggest_recipes
Categories: American, British, Canadian, Chinese, Dutch, Egyptian, French, Greek, Indian, Irish, Italian, Jamaican, Japanese, Kenyan, Malaysian, Mexican, Moroccan, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Unknown, Vietnamese

Choose a category above or type 'Random' for a random recipe suggestion: Random

---------------------Spicy Arrabiata Penne---------------------

penne rigate x 1 pound
olive oil x 1/4 cup
garlic x 3 cloves
chopped tomatoes x 1 tin
red chile flakes x 1/2 teaspoon
italian seasoning x 1/2 teaspoon
basil x 6 leaves
Parmigiano-Reggiano x spinkling

Instructions: Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add kosher salt to the boiling water, then add the pasta. Cook according to the package instructions, about 9 minutes.
In a large skillet over medium-high heat, add the olive oil and heat until the oil starts to shimmer. Add the garlic and cook, stirring, until fragrant, 1 to 2 minutes. Add the chopped tomatoes, red chile flakes, Italian seasoning and salt and pepper to taste. Bring to a boil and cook for 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and add the chopped basil.
Drain the pasta and add it to the sauce. Garnish with Parmigiano-Reggiano flakes and more basil and serve warm.


To create an issue in the github repository simple thing that shows a link. Yeesssssss.


Use this command to encrypt or decrypt text using various classical ciphers

$ yoda ciphers encrypt
0: Atbash
1: Caesar
2: ROT13
3: Vigenere
Choose a cipher: 3
The text you want to encrypt: Mary had a litle lamb
The encryption keyword: mango

$ yoda ciphers decrypt
0: Atbash
1: Caesar
2: ROT13
3: Vigenere
Choose a cipher: 3
The text you want to decrypt: ZBFF WNE O SXGUZL ANNP
The encryption keyword: mango

Packages and services used

Contribute, you must

Please refer to the contributing guidelines for contributing to this project. This project was made possible by contributions from many awesome people.

In the news



Related milestone: v1.0.0

Changes in this version:

  • Docker setup
  • Load modules on demand
  • Mock external services in tests
  • Support for custom commands
  • Currency conversion
  • Weather functionality
  • Money Manager: monthly expenses
  • Gif creator
  • Site checker
  • IP Lookup
  • Grep
  • Horoscope
  • Suggest drinks
  • Suggest recipes
  • Small bug fixes and improvements


Related milestone: v0.4.0

Changes in this version:

  • Added goals and analysis
  • Added reading list
  • Enhancements to diary
  • Better documentation and code quality than before
  • Added more tests
  • Security alert fixes
  • Various bug fixes


Related milestone: v0.3.0

Changes in this version:

  • Support for both Python 2 and Python 3
  • Command aliasing
  • Port scanning
  • More features in love module
  • Hackernews
  • yoda inspire
  • Increased test coverage
  • Bug fixes


Related milestone: v0.2.0

Changes in this version:

  • Idea list
  • Reading list
  • Automated tests
  • Test coverage
  • Custom config directory location
  • Minor bug fixes


Initial release.