A quick and dirty python script to embed a Metasploit generated APK file into another APK for fun.
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This script performs the following actions to embed a Metasploit generated APK file into another legitimate APK.

  • decompiles a Metasploit APK file, and any other APK file.
  • locates the main Activity entrypoint in the APK being targeted
  • copies all Metasploit APK staging code to destination APK
  • adjusts the main Activity entrypoint smali file with an invoke-static call to kick off the Metasploit stage.
  • adjusts the final AndroidManifest.xml with appropriate added permissions
  • recompiles, and resigns the final APK file.

All actions are performed within the "~/.ae" directory which is created during runtime. The script requires that keytool, jarsigner, and apktool are installed. A KALI distribution will work well to run this script on.