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Minecraft FastBuild Plugin
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FastBuild is a Minecraft plugin that let you break/build your building faster. It lets you:

  • Break blocks in one direction at once
  • Build blocks in one direction at once

There are two youtube video that demo how this plugin do: build function break function

FastBuild is open source and is available under the GNU General Public License v3.

Where to download:

I add a compiled fastbuild.jar against to spigot-1.12.2.jar in plugin directory.

How to build plugin:

  1. Download Spigot server BuildTool.jar at Download Spigot
  2. Built the Spigot server by java -jar BuildTool.jar --rev <version>. I use version 1.10.2 here.
  3. Put output spigot-<version>.jar in lib directory as spigot.jar.
  4. Install ant: using sudo apt-get install ant in Ubuntu, or other package managers of your release.
  5. Simply enter ant will build the plugin fastbuild.jar.

How to run it:

  1. Run a server spigot or craftbukkit server.
  2. Put fastbuild.jar into plugins directory in your server.
  3. Reload or Re-open server.
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