Vim configuration for inside server editing. Support for several programming language, bash-script and many else
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VIM for Server Editor

VIM configuration for editing several files inside server (Ubuntu, Debian, Redhat, etc).

It's coming with several features :

  1. Commenter ( :gc)

  2. Support highlighting for several files ( sh, py, php and many else! )

  3. Use Space and Backspace for Page-Down/Page-up shortcuts.

  4. CTRL + V for paste mode


It using Vundle for manage all plugin. So, I assume you have git installed.

cd ~/
git clone git://
ln -s ~/vim-server/.vim ~/.vim
ln -s ~/vim-server/.vimrc ~/.vimrc
git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vundle

Now, edit ~/.vimrc using VIM and do :BundleInstall to start downloading.

Why you should use this ?

It help you while editing many files inside server through SSH.