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Presentation of useful tools to develop with Kubernetes locally
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Local Development with Kubernetes ☸️

Presentation of useful tools to develop with Kubernetes locally

Local cluster

  • Minikube : Run Kubernetes locally on Windows, Mac or Linux.

  • MicroK8S : A single package of k8s that installs on 42 flavours of Linux.

  • Kind : A tool for running local Kubernetes clusters using Docker container “nodes”.

  • kubeadm-dind-cluster : A Kubernetes multi-node test cluster based on kubeadm.

Lightweight cluster

Remote cluster

Improve K8S command line UX

# Tip : easy merge kube config files and switch contexts
export KUBECONFIG=~/.kube/k1_config:~/.kube/k2_config:~/.kube/k3_config
<3 contexts>
  • kube-shell : An integrated shell for working with the Kubernetes CLI
  • kube-prompt : An interactive kubernetes client featuring auto-complete
  • K9S
  • kube-ps1 : Kubernetes prompt info for bash and zsh
  • Stern : Multi pod and container log tailing
  • Kail : Kubernetes log viewer
  • KubeSpy : Tools for observing Kubernetes resources in real time
kubectl create ns gd
kubens gd

# In one shell (keep it displayed)
kubespy trace deploy gd/nginx-deployment
# In another shell
kubectl create -f 

# Pod
kubespy status v1 Pod gd/nginx
kubectl create -f

# Service
kubespy trace service  gd/nginx
kubectl create -f
kubectl krew {search,info,install,upgrade,remove} 
  • Examples :
    • kubectl view-utilization -h
    • kubectl get-all --only-scope=namespace --namespace=default



Other tools


Useful links

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