A Spotify App that shows you how to make a Spotify app
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Spotify Apps API Tutorial

This is a Spotify App that explains how to make a Spotify App. All examples use the latest version of jQuery.

For API Guidelines, click here.

Spotify Apps Tutorial home screen

Topics covered

Getting started

  • Creating your manifest file
  • Handling arguments and creating navigational tabs
  • Using the pager element (coming soon)
  • Dragging and dropping content into an app (coming soon)
  • Show "Share" popup

Playing music

  • Play a single song
  • Play a list of songs
  • Get the currently-playing track
  • Create a play/pause button with an HTML element
  • Skip to the next or previous track
  • Get a user's top tracks


  • Returning all tracks with a certain search query (coming soon)
  • Get the top 5 most popular tracks from 5 artists


  • Get songs from a playlist URL
  • Subscribe to a playlist (coming soon)
  • Showing a playlist mosiac image

Interacting with Facebook

  • Authenticate a user with Facebook
  • Get a user's listening history from Facebook


  • Talking to Twitter
  • Display a Polymaps object
  • Use HTML5's local storage


  1. Sign up for a developer account on Spotify. It takes about 24 hours to get access, so email mager@spotify.com with your Spotify username for rush access.
  2. Open Terminal, mkdir ~/Spotify
  3. cd ~/Spotify
  4. git clone git@github.com:mager/spotify-apps-tutorial.git
  5. Download the latest version of Spotify
  6. Open Spotify and type "spotify:app:spotify-apps-tutorial" in the search bar

Your feedback is welcome! Please email mager@spotify.com.