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Ubuntu 12.04 or above with ROS Groovy


ROST uses cv_image_source ROS package by default for getting images from camera or video files. To install it:

  1. hg clone 2)rosmake cv_image_source

Building ROST

rosmake rost

Using ROST with camera:

roslaunch rost_launch rost.launch camera:=true [options]

Using ROST with a video file: roslaunch rost_launch rost.launch file:=/absolute/path/of/video.mp4 [options]

Optional arguments the the launch file(with default values shown): alpha:=0.1 controls the smoothness of topic distribution describing an image patch beta:=1.0 controls the smoothness of word distribution describing a topic tau:=2.0 how important is present compared to past for topic refinement. 1.0 => all times are equally important tau > 1 => present is more important 0<tau<1 => past is more important K:=16 number of topics S:=16 summary size vout:=<out.avi> record the visualization video. output is MJPEG avi file. video.rate:=5 process video at 5 fps video.subsample:=2 temporally subsample the video (only applicable when using file.launch) video.loop:=false loop the video (only with file.launch) video.scale:=1.0 scale the input video. To process the video at half the linear size, set scale:=0.5 threads:=4 number of threads to spawn for topic refinement. cell.width:=160 split the input image into windows of size 160x160 image.width:=640 tell the system the size of the input vide image.height:=480

There are many more options. To see them open the launch file.


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