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Meteor Starter

A Meteor boilerplate with a lot packed in. Written in Coffeescript.


MIT License

Maintained by Meteor Factory. Professional Meteor development.

Meteor starter


git clone myapp
cd myapp

What's included


  • Sexy landing page


  • Login / Sign up etc. from Accounts Entry
  • Sign in with Facebook etc. with automatic photo import
  • Profile Page - add a photo, location and other fields defined in schema
  • Have a username (or not)
  • Change their password and delete their account



  • Create / edit posts with image upload
  • Favorite / comment on posts


Detailed tutorails coming soon.

First steps:

  • Edit basic setting in /lib/_config/
  • Delete / modify HTML in /client/views/home.html
  • Update colors in /client/style/bootstrap-variables.less
  • Add / edit collections in /collections/
  • Create routes and views in /lib/router/ and /client/views folder


Dockerize it

for Dev

docker build -t myrepo/meteordev -f Dockerfile-dev .


docker run -it -p 3000:3000 --rm myrepo/meteordev

for Prod

docker build -t myrepo/mymeteorapp .

Run it

docker run --name mongodb -d mongo
docker run -it --rm -p 3000:3000 --link mongodb:db -e "MONGO_URL=mongodb://db" -e "ROOT_URL=http://localhost:3000" myrepo/mymeteorapp


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Premium Support

Have an urgent issue or want help with implementation? Start a conversation with Meteor Factory.