Offline Indic language wiktionaries compiled from wikimedia XML dumps with aard-tools for aard dictionary
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Offline Indic wiktionaries are compiled sources from wikimedia XML dumps with aard-tools for Aard dictionary.


Generated Aard file(.aar) for 14 Indic languages can be downloaded from this link. Please refer here to produce your own Aard file.

Instructions to install Aard on Ubuntu, Windows and Android can be found on this page.

For Aard 2 Beta, download the dictionary in new slob format from this link.

Why not Kiwix?

Kiwix is great as offline wiki reader, but for dictionaries Aard looks neat. Also Kiwix application is too big compared to Aard and even zim files for wiktionaries on Kiwix are bigger in size than Aard dictionaries(in new slob format). On mobile devices, smaller size apps/files are better.

Demo of Indic dictionaries on Ubuntu 14.04