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This is the source code for the website.

It is mainly a multi-language blog based on nanoc.

Notice, this is not a clean system. Mainly because I have used it for some years now. I just want it to work, not to be a nice piece of code. But in the end I know I will make it clean.

What you'll need to use it:

  • nanocgem install nanoc
  • zsh → Installed by default on most good system
  • A bunch of gems: gem install ultraviolet krambook sass rainpress


Here is a short explanation of the role of each file:

config.rb            → nanoc central configuration file            → Rack server configuration
config.yaml          → A YAML configuration file (mostly strings)
content/             → The directory where nanoc will search for most of the content
img_latest_blog_dir@ → A link to the latest blog image directory           → A link to the latest blog file
layouts/             → HTML Layouts for your webpages
lib/                 → Some ruby files loaded by nanoc before generating
multi/               → Where you should write content
output/              → Where the content is loaded
Rakefile             → Ruby actions            → This file
resources/           → Some files I used and wanted to keep
Rules                → Generation rules
tasks/               → Where I put most of my scripts

Here are features I added:

analytics.rb → Functions to add web analytics code
calendar.rb  → Functions to show a date nicely in HTML
gitmtime.rb  → Show time using git last change log
graph.rb     → Use graphviz to draw graphs
helpers.rb   → Some standard nanoc helpers are added
html.rb      → Layout block helper
intenseDebate.rb → IntenseDebate integration
macros.rb    → Macros system (%latex => LaTeX, etc...)
mail.rb      → My uniquely encoded personal email
multiMenu.rb → The machinery for the menu
multi.rb     → Machinery for multi-language support
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