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update for yesod 1.0

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commit b4021bb52c0f8a3e068dafde6a4d732ada3031f9 1 parent 796cd3f
@yogsototh authored
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@@ -249,7 +249,7 @@ Let's take a look at the file `config/routes`:
/favicon.ico FaviconR GET
/robots.txt RobotsR GET
-/ RootR GET
+/ HomeR GET
We want to add a route of the form `/echo/[anything]` somehow and do some action with this.
@@ -269,7 +269,7 @@ Application.hs:31:1: Not in scope: `getEchoR'
Why? Simply because we didn't written the code for the handler `EchoR`.
-Edit the file `Handler/Root.hs` and append this:
+Edit the file `Handler/Home.hs` and append this:
<code class="haskell">
getEchoR :: String -> Handler RepHtml
@@ -389,17 +389,17 @@ getEchoR theText = do
-Do not forget to remove the getEchoR function inside `Handler/Root.hs`.
+Do not forget to remove the getEchoR function inside `Handler/Home.hs`.
We must declare this new file into`yosog.cabal`.
-Just after `Handler.Root`, add:
+Just after `Handler.Home`, add:
We must also declare this new Handler module inside `Application.hs`.
-Just after the "`import Handler.Root`", add:
+Just after the "`import Handler.Home`", add:
<code class="haskell">
import Handler.Echo
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