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My blog in powered with Hakyll
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I use Hakyll to generate my website.

If you want to use this blog for you.


  1. Install: rvm and use 1.9.1, gem install sass.

  2. Clone the branch 'clean' from my repository. The --depth=1 is highly recommended to make the download far shorter.

    git clone -b clean --depth=1
  3. Configure your languages in Config.hs

  4. compile and launch preview


Content Initialization

  1. Add an avatar.png image in Scratch/img/about
  2. You might want to change Multilang.lhs inside trads to put your own translation.
  3. You might want to add some abbreviations time to time Abbreviations.lhs.

Adding articles

Create your own entries in multi (if you use different languages) or directly inside Scratch/

Inside multi, the line of your files are filtered the following way. If you work with three languages (say fr, en and de), then

    This line will appear in all languages
    fr: This line only in French
    en: This line only in English
    de: This line only in Deutch

Third services configuration

Google Analytics

Modify the identifier UA-0000000-1 in Scratch/js/index.js


Modify the disqus_shortname value in templates/post.html.

Publish to github pages

To publish to github pages, modify the github conf inside and


  1. Open a terminal and type ./auto-update
  2. edit content inside Scratch or multi
  3. Once happy, ./
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