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(ns selmer.util
[ :as io]
[clojure.string :as string])
(defmacro exception [& [param & more :as params]]
(if (class? param)
`(throw (new ~param (str ~@more)))
`(throw (Exception. (str ~@params)))))
(def ^:dynamic *custom-resource-path* nil)
(defn set-custom-resource-path!
(alter-var-root #'*custom-resource-path* (constantly path))
(when (thread-bound? #'*custom-resource-path*)
(set! *custom-resource-path* path)))
(def ^:dynamic *escape-variables* true)
(defn turn-off-escaping! []
(alter-var-root #'*escape-variables*
(constantly false)))
(defn turn-on-escaping! []
(alter-var-root #'*escape-variables*
(constantly true)))
(defmacro with-escaping [& body]
`(binding [*escape-variables* true]
(defmacro without-escaping [& body]
`(binding [*escape-variables* false]
(defn pattern [& content]
(re-pattern (string/join content)))
(defn read-char [^ rdr]
(let [ch (.read rdr)]
(if-not (== -1 ch) (char ch))))
(defn assoc-in*
"Works best for small collections seemingly."
[m ks v]
(let [k (first ks)]
(if (zero? (count ks))
(assoc m k (assoc-in* (get m k) (next ks) v))
(assoc m k v))))
;; default tag characters
(def ^:dynamic ^Character *tag-open* \{)
(def ^:dynamic ^Character *tag-close* \})
(def ^:dynamic ^Character *filter-open* \{)
(def ^:dynamic ^Character *filter-close* \})
(def ^:dynamic ^Character *tag-second* \%)
(def ^:dynamic ^Character *short-comment-second* \#)
;; tag regex patterns
(def ^:dynamic ^Pattern *tag-second-pattern* nil)
(def ^:dynamic ^Pattern *filter-open-pattern* nil)
(def ^:dynamic ^Pattern *filter-close-pattern* nil)
(def ^:dynamic ^Pattern *filter-pattern* nil)
(def ^:dynamic ^Pattern *tag-open-pattern* nil)
(def ^:dynamic ^Pattern *tag-close-pattern* nil)
(def ^:dynamic ^Pattern *tag-pattern* nil)
(def ^:dynamic ^Pattern *include-pattern* nil)
(def ^:dynamic ^Pattern *extends-pattern* nil)
(def ^:dynamic ^Pattern *block-pattern* nil)
(def ^:dynamic ^Pattern *block-super-pattern* nil)
(def ^:dynamic ^Pattern *endblock-pattern* nil)
(def ^:dynamic *tags* nil)
(defn check-tag-args [args]
(if (even? (count (filter #{\"} args)))
args (exception "malformed tag arguments in " args)))
(defn read-tag-info [rdr]
(let [buf (StringBuilder.)
tag-type (if (= *filter-open* (read-char rdr)) :filter :expr)]
(loop [ch1 (read-char rdr)
ch2 (read-char rdr)]
(when-not (or (nil? ch1)
(and (or (= *filter-close* ch1) (= *tag-second* ch1))
(= *tag-close* ch2)))
(.append buf ch1)
(recur ch2 (read-char rdr))))
(let [content (->> (.toString buf)
(re-seq #"(?:[^\s\"]|\"[^\"]*\")+")
(remove empty?)
(map (fn [^String s] (.trim s))))
tag-info (merge {:tag-type tag-type}
(if (= :filter tag-type)
{:tag-value (first content)}
{:tag-name (keyword (first content))
:args (next content)}))]
(when *tags*
(swap! *tags* conj tag-info))
(defn peek-rdr [^ rdr]
(.mark rdr 1)
(let [result (read-char rdr)]
(.reset rdr)
(defmacro ->buf [[buf] & body]
`(let [~buf (StringBuilder.)]
(do ~@body)
(.toString ~buf)))
(defn read-tag-content [rdr]
(->buf [buf]
(let [next-ch (peek-rdr rdr)
filter? (not= *tag-second* next-ch)]
(.append buf *tag-open*)
(when next-ch
(loop [ch (read-char rdr)]
(.append buf ch)
(when (and (not= *tag-close* ch) (not= *filter-close* ch))
(recur (read-char rdr))))
(when filter?
(.append buf (read-char rdr)))))))
(defn open-tag? [ch rdr]
(and (= *tag-open* ch)
(let [next-ch (peek-rdr rdr)]
(or (= *filter-open* next-ch)
(= *tag-second* next-ch)))))
(defn open-short-comment? [ch rdr]
(and (= *tag-open* ch)
(let [next-ch (peek-rdr rdr)]
(= *short-comment-second* next-ch))))
(defn split-by-args [s]
(let [rdr (StringReader. s)
buf (StringBuilder.)]
(loop [items []
ch (read-char rdr)
open? false]
(nil? ch) items
(and open? (= ch \"))
(let [value (.trim (.toString buf))]
(.setLength buf 0)
(recur (conj items value) (read-char rdr) false))
(= ch \")
(recur items (read-char rdr) true)
(and (not open?) (= ch \=))
(let [id (.trim (.toString buf))]
(.setLength buf 0)
(recur (conj items id) (read-char rdr) open?))
(.append buf ch)
(recur items (read-char rdr) open?))))))
(defn on-windows?
"Do we seem to be running on Windows?"
(-> (System/getProperty "")
(clojure.string/includes? "windows")))
(defn looks-like-absolute-file-path?
"Does the resource path seem to be an absolute file path, considering
the system file separator, and (when running on Windows) the
possibility of a drive letter prefix?"
[^java.lang.String path]
(or (.startsWith path
(and (on-windows?) (re-matches #"[a-zA-Z]:.*" path))))
(defn resource-path [template]
(if (instance? template)
(if-let [path *custom-resource-path*]
(let [f (str path template)]
(looks-like-absolute-file-path? f) (.toURL (.toURI (io/file f)))
(.startsWith f "file:/") ( f)
(.startsWith f "jar:file:/") ( f)
:else (io/resource f)))
(io/resource template))))
(defn resource-last-modified [^ resource]
(let [path (.getPath resource)]
(.lastModified (io/file path))
(catch NullPointerException _ -1))))
(defn check-template-exists [^ resource]
(when-not resource
(exception "template: \"" (.getPath ^ resource) "\" not found")))
(def default-missing-value-formatter (constantly ""))
(def ^:dynamic *missing-value-formatter* default-missing-value-formatter)
(def ^:dynamic *filter-missing-values* true)
(defn set-missing-value-formatter!
"Takes a function of two arguments which is called on a missing value.
The function should return the value to be output in place of an empty string
(which is the default from 'default-missing-value-formatter').
Call with named argument :filter-missing-values true to force filtering of missing
values (although for most use cases this will not make sense).
Arguments to missing-value-fn:
tag - map with data for the tag being evaluated.
Contains the key :tag-type with the value :filter or :expr (for filter or expression tag types.
For :filter:
tag-value - the contents of the filter tag as a string.
For :expr:
tag-name - the name of the expression.
args - the args provided to the expression.
context-map - the context-map provided to the render function."
[missing-value-fn & {:keys [filter-missing-values] :or {filter-missing-values false}}]
(alter-var-root #'*missing-value-formatter* (constantly missing-value-fn))
(alter-var-root #'*filter-missing-values* (constantly filter-missing-values)))
(defn fix-accessor
"Turns strings into keywords and strings like \"0\" into Longs
so it can access vectors as well as maps."
(mapv (fn [^String s]
(try (Long/valueOf s)
(catch NumberFormatException _
(keyword s))))
(defn parse-accessor
"Split accessors like by the dot.
But if there is a double dot '..' then it will leave it"
[^String accessor]
(->> (string/split accessor #"(?<!\.)\.(?!\.)")
(map (fn [s] (string/replace s ".." ".")))
(defn ffind
"finds and returns the first element in a collection where function f evaluates to true."
[f coll]
(fn [e] (and (f e) e))
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