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(ns components-example.widgets
(:require [reagent.core :as r]
[re-frame.core :as rf]
[clojure.string :as string]
[re-com.core :refer [datepicker-dropdown]]
[cljs-time.coerce :refer [from-date to-date]]
[cljs-time.format :refer [parse unparse formatters]]
[re-com.datepicker :refer [iso8601->date datepicker-dropdown-args-desc]]
[components-example.model-view :as mv]))
(defn subscribe-doc [path]
(rf/subscribe [:document path]))
(defmulti widget :type)
(defmethod widget :name-preview [{:keys [label path]}]
(let [{:keys [first last]} @(subscribe-doc path)]
[:label label ": "
(->> [last first]
(remove empty?)
(string/join ", "))]))
(defmethod widget :date-preview [{:keys [label path]}]
(let [date @(subscribe-doc path)]
[:label label ": " (some->> date from-date (unparse (formatters :date)))]))
(defmethod widget :label [{:keys [label path]}]
[:div [:label label ": " @(subscribe-doc path)]])
(defn parse-number [value]
(let [number (js/parseFloat value)]
(when-not (js/isNaN number)
(defmethod widget :text-input [{:keys [label path numeric?]}]
(r/with-let [value (r/atom nil)
focused? (r/atom false)]
[:label label]
{:type :text
:on-focus #(do
(reset! value @(subscribe-doc path))
(reset! focused? true))
:on-blur #(do
[:save path
(if numeric? (parse-number @value) @value)])
(reset! focused? false))
:value (if @focused? @value @(subscribe-doc path))
:on-change #(reset! value (-> % .-target .-value))}]]))
(defmethod widget :numeric-input [opts]
[widget (assoc opts :type :text-input :numeric? true)])
(defmethod widget :name [{:keys [first-name last-name path]}]
[widget {:label first-name :type :text-input :path (conj path :first)}]
[widget {:label last-name :type :text-input :path (conj path :last)}]])
(defmethod widget :datepicker [{:keys [label path]}]
[:label label]
:model (some-> @(subscribe-doc path) from-date)
:show-today? true
:format "dd MMM, yyyy"
:on-change #(rf/dispatch [:save path (to-date %)])]]])
(defmethod widget :dropdown [{:keys [label path options placeholder]}]
(r/with-let [open? (r/atom false)]
[:label label]
(when @open? {:class "open"})
{:on-click #(swap! open? not)}
(or @(subscribe-doc path) placeholder)]
(for [option options]
^{:key option}
(rf/dispatch [:save path option])
(reset! open? false))}
(defmethod widget :default [{:keys [type path]}]
"no widget of type " type
" found for path " (str path)])
(defn create-widget [view path]
(let [opts ((mv/views view) path)]
[widget (assoc opts :path path)]))