Leiningen plugin for CSS/Js asset minifcation
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Lein-asset-minifier is a Leiningen plugin for CSS/JavaScript asset minification. The plugin uses the asset-minifier to do minification.


To use lein-asset-minifier, add it as a plugin to your project.clj file:

Clojars Project

Then add a new :minify-assets key to your project.clj file that contains a vector of configuration items.

Each configuration item is a vector, where the first element is type:

  • :html
  • :css
  • :js

The second element is a map with two required keys: :source and :target. The third is optional :opts, you can use it to pass compiler specific options.

The source can be either a filename, a directory, or a vector containing a mix of files and directories. But target is always a string, target filename or target directory.

:minify-assets [[:html {:source "dev/resource/html" :target "dev/minified/html"}]
                [:css {:source "dev/resources/css" :target "dev/minified/css/styles.min.css"}]
                [:js {:source ["dev/res/js1", "dev/res/js2"] :target "dev/minified/js/script.min.js"}]]

The minifier also takes optional minification hints:

:minify-assets [[:html {:source "html" :target "html" :opts {:remove-http-protocol false}]]

For html configuration options please see clj-html-compressor

Js configuration options:

  • :optimizations - specifies the level of JavaScript optimizations, valid values are :none, :simple, :whitespace or :advanced, defaults to :simple
  • :externs - can be used to specify the externs file to be used with the advanced optimisations to prevent munging of external functions

Css configuration options:

  • :linebreak - specifies optional linebreak for CSS resources

The plugin can be now be invoked by running:

lein minify-assets

The minifier also supports watching for file changes on JDK 1.7+, this can be enabled by running:

lein minify-assets watch

The minifier can also be added as a hook and will minify assets during the compile step.

:hooks [minify-assets.plugin/hooks]

If you want to use different profiles, refer to leiningen profile feature

{:profiles {:dev {:minify-assets [[:html {:source "source" :target "target"}]]}}}

Then run minification with next command.

lein with-profile dev minify-assets


Copyright © 2017 Yogthos

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.