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(ns memory-hole.pages.home
(:require [reagent.core :as r]
[re-frame.core :refer [subscribe dispatch]]
[memory-hole.pages.issues :refer [markdown-preview]]
[memory-hole.key-events :refer [on-enter]]
[memory-hole.bootstrap :as bs]
[memory-hole.routes :refer [href navigate!]]
:refer [box v-box h-split v-split title flex-child-style input-text input-textarea]]))
(defn issue-search []
(r/with-let [search (r/atom nil)
do-search #(when-let [value (not-empty @search)]
(navigate! (str "/search/" value)))]
{:type "text"
:class "input-sm"
:placeholder "Type in issue details to find matching issues"
:on-change #(reset! search (-> % .-target .-value))
:on-key-down #(on-enter % do-search)}]
{:on-click do-search}
(defn new-issue []
(href "/create-issue") "Add Issue"])
(defn issue-panel [{:keys [support-issue-id title summary views]}]
[:h3>a (href (str "/issue/" support-issue-id))
[:span.pull-right [bs/Badge views]]]]
[:div.panel-body summary]])
(defn sorted-tags [tags sort-type]
(let [tags (filter #(pos? (:tag-count %)) tags)]
(case sort-type
:name (sort-by :tag tags)
:count (->> tags
(sort-by :tag-count)
(defn tag-control [tag count selected]
{:on-click #(navigate! (str "/issues/" (js/encodeURIComponent tag)))
:active (= tag selected)}
[:b tag] " "
(when count [bs/Badge count])])
(defn tags-panel [tags selected]
(r/with-let [sort-type (r/atom :count)]
[:h2 "Tags"]
[:li {:class (when (= @sort-type :count) "active")}
[:a {:on-click #(reset! sort-type :count)}
"# Issues"]]
[:li {:class (when (= @sort-type :name) "active")}
[:a {:on-click #(reset! sort-type :name)}
(for [{:keys [tag-id tag tag-count]} (sorted-tags tags @sort-type)]
^{:key tag-id}
[tag-control tag tag-count selected])]]]))
(defn filter-control [title selected on-click]
{:on-click on-click
:class (if (= title selected) "btn-success" "btn-default")}
(defn filters [selected]
#(navigate! "/all-issues")]
#(navigate! "/recent-issues")]
"Most Viewed"
#(navigate! "/most-viewed-issues")]
(when-not (contains? #{"All" "Recent" "Most Viewed"} selected)
[:button.btn.btn-xs.btn-success selected])])
(defn admin-groups-toggle []
(r/with-let [admin? (subscribe [:admin?])
show-all-groups? (subscribe [:admin/show-all-groups?])]
(when @admin?
[:h3 "Admin: "
{:class (if @show-all-groups? "btn-default" "btn-success")
:on-click #(dispatch [:admin/show-all-groups? false])}
"Only my groups"]
{:class (if @show-all-groups? "btn-success" "btn-default")
:on-click #(dispatch [:admin/show-all-groups? true])}
"All groups"]]]]])))
(defn home-page []
(r/with-let [tags (subscribe [:visible-tags])
issues (subscribe [:visible-issues])
selected (subscribe [:selected-tag])]
[tags-panel @tags @selected]]
[:h2 "Issues "
[filters @selected]
(for [issue-summary @issues]
^{:key (:support-issue-id issue-summary)}
[issue-panel issue-summary])]]]))