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Yuggoth logo

"Yuggoth... is a strange dark orb at the very rim of our solar system... There are mighty cities on Yuggoth—great tiers of terraced towers built of black stone... The sun shines there no brighter than a star, but the beings need no light. They have other subtler senses, and put no windows in their great houses and temples..."

— H. P. Lovecraft, "The Whisperer in Darkness"

Yuggoth is a blog engine which powers my site at


  • content caching
  • RSS feed
  • tags
  • markdown in posts and comments with preview
  • syntax highlighting using syntax highlighter
  • file uploads and management through web UI
  • custom CSS styles
  • captchas for comments
  • latest comments view
  • toggle post visibility


The blog requires an instance of postgreSQL. On the first run the blog will guide you through setting up the db connection properties and create the necessary tables for you. Then you will be presented with the setup wizard wich will allow you to configure the administrator and the blog title. Further configuration can be done on the profile page.

If you use cake, substitute 'lein' with 'cake' below. Everything should work fine.

lein deps
lein run

to run as standalone

lein uberjar
java -jar yuggoth-0.4.0-SNAPSHOT-standalone.jar

Builds are available as a jar for running standalone and a war for app server deployment.

valid options for running standalone

  • -mode dev or prod
  • -port integer

to make a deployable WAR

lein ring uberwar

see markdown-clj for supported syntax in posts, any valid HTML will work as well


Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

Copyright (C) 2012 Yogthos

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