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This simple control provide link to edit the map current view in the OSM editors.

Check out the demo.

To see some of the newer features, see the Examples section below.

Out-of-the-box supporter editors:

  • iD
  • Potlatch 2
  • JOSM


Add the js and css script tags to your project after leaflet:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
<script src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="./Leaflet.EditInOSM.css" />
<script src="./Leaflet.EditInOSM.js"></script>

When you instantiate the Leaflet map, specify the editInOSMControlOptions option to activate the control:

    var map ='map', {
        editInOSMControlOptions: {},

Control Configuration Options

option description
position standard for a Leaflet control. See the Leaflet documentation.
zoomThreshold An integer representing the minimum zoom level for which this control is visible.
widget The UI widget that will appear for this control. Can be a string value of attributionBox or multiButton. Or, can be a configured instance of a class from L.Control.EditInOSM.Widgets. See examples for more details.
editors An array of editors to determine which editors will appear in the UI widget. Can be string values of id, potlatch or josm for the built-in editors, or configured instances of L.Control.EditInOSM.Editors. See examples for more details.


The EditInOSM control supports two types of UI widgets, each with different goals.


A box icon that reveals selectable options when the user hovers over it. This is perfect for situations where you expect the majority of your users to be enthusiastic about contributing to OpenStreetMap and you want to make it as easy as possible.


A small hyperlink, styled like an attribution box typically found in the bottom-right of a web map. This is great for situations in which your app makes use of OpenStreetMap and you want users to contribute back, but don't want to distract your user from the primary features of your application. Pairs great with a high zoom threshold.

Overriding the URL of an existing editor

In editInOSMControlOptions key in the map options, provide the editors option with the desired overrides.


var overriddenId = new L.Control.EditInOSM.Editors.Id({ url: "" }),
    map = L.Map('map', {
    editInOSMControlOptions: { editors: [overriddenId, 'potlatch'] }

Adding additional editors

Provide an object to the editors option with the following properties:

property description
displayName The name to appear on the button.
url The url prefix to pack a location onto
buildUrl a function that takes a base url and builds it into a location-aware url using the map object.


var foo = { displayName: "Foo",
            url: "",
            buildUrl: function (map) { return this.url; }
    bar = { displayName: "Bar",
            url: "",
            buildUrl: function (map) { return this.url + "/example.html"; }
    map ='map', { 
    editInOSMControlOptions: { editors: ['id', foo, bar] }

Other customizations

Check out some examples:


Add a control in a Leaflet map with links to main OSM editors







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